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Not the best day today

Really enjoyed the morning. then the teacher in my class tells me there a meeting afterwards till half 4 . So i checked with the head to see i needed to attend and he said yes every Thursday.

I do not see why he could not have told me and the start of the week about the meeting situation. As now i have to stop volunteering at the girls group. So i am missing the last 3 weeks of that.

This head by the way is a complete idiot. Luckily he is leaving at christmas. All the other staff have told me how he took away things that the kids really enjoy such as something called soft play.

I hope when i get paid this extra time will be accounted for. If i am not getting paid they can not make you stay. I am sad to say i have come home with terrible back pain. Hopefully it will clear by tomorrow if not i won't be getting on and off the floor to do bench sitting tomorrow or playing.

at least i'll have the weekend to make a proper recovery. if needed.

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Hi Lou

It will probably take you a number of weeks getting used to it all and you will find that you are more tired than usual. There will be good days and bad day but in the long run it will be worth it all. Sending you lots of good thoughts and wishes πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


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