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Tribunal part 2

So now I have a submission put together from my support organisation SERC. In Salford and I found out through them that my consultant has changed, yet another miss information problem I am having with my GP at the moment. Think this is the last straw and so have begun a complaints procedure, believe I will end up moving surgeries as my health both physical and mental is now suffering under the GP,s miss management of my conditions. Thing is do I change gp's before or after tribunal?

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Hi Sabine

I wouldn't have thought it will matter if you change GP before the Tribunal. Qualification for benefit is about how your health affects your daily life rather than which GP you have!. Good luck for the tribunal , hope you get the right result. X


Thanks for the advice much appreciated. tribunal on oct 4th!!


Keep us posted Sabine, fingers crossed for the 4th. X


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