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Have lupus /fibro .Have had lots of dental problems last few years and didn't make a connection untill reading some of your posts here. Has anyone had recurrent thrust infection in dentist informed me at my last check up I had fungal infection on roof of my mouth and to use cortysol mouthwash.I 've had problems with roof of mouth for years n no one ever mentioned this n4.just wondering if there is connection.

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  • What medication are you on? Some increase the tendency to develop thrush.

  • I keep getting oral thrush, mouth sores, splits on my tongue and rash on the roof of my mouth x I use genigel mouth wash that I get off amazon and it works for me. I don't use it all the time as it's expensive but when symptoms flare I use it until better x

  • Thanks leannehowis.Will have a look for genigel mouthwash n give it a try.Will try anything once to c if it helps.thanks again

  • Good luck xoxo

  • My rheumatologist sent me to an ENT dr because I started getting hoarse. The ENT told me that I have Thrush in my throat. He stated its common in lupus patients because of the medications we take. He prescribed Nystatin for it.

  • Thanks Cindymc .should probably mention at my next rhuemy app or ask my go about referral.

  • I got thrush in my mouth when I was on the steroids and my GP gave me something to take orally, a yellow substance which worked instantly but I've both as that issue with the hydroxycloriquine or methotrexate but I do still get mouth ulcers especially at the back where my wisdom teeth are.

  • Sorry to hear about your mouth pain. I have the same thing on occasion due to the immunosuppressions I am on. But the correct cure is a anti=fungal, like fluconazole or oral nystatin suspension. This works great for me, and I only get the infection when I am antibiotics for some other reason. I would be seeing my general physician for this common problem. God Bless.

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