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Haven't been diagnosed, but wondering if anyone has this symptom

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I haven't been diagnosed, but I google every "new symptom + lupus" and I have a lot of symptoms. This is the second time this has happened to me in my fingers in about 2 months. Sharp pain and when I look at my finger, there is a vein bulging, the pain and bulging lasts a few minutes then goes away, but by the next morning I get a bruise where the vein and pain was. This, in my ring finger, happened yesterday.

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SNAP! I go through phases of this happening MariGG. I'll be interested in the answers you receive. 'M'

Hi i don't know what it is either.Just wanted to let you know i have had this too a few times.I will be interested to see what you find out.I am not confirmed Lupus yet either.I am classed as undifferentiated.Suspected Lupus.

Hi Marigg

I get the same symptoms on my hands. Can be very painful with the bruising coming out!. It is inflammation of the blood vessels causing this. Definitely add it to your list of symptoms to tell your Consultant and include a photo. Are you under the care of a Rheumy or wanting a referral?. Good luck with getting a diagnosis, it can be a long , difficult road!. X

My mother also have the same condition. Ever her condition is worse than show by mariGG. She have these signs on both of the hands and suffering from terrible pain. Please suggest me too if you find any way to treat this. She is suffering from SLE

Well, YES: my version of his has been happening for many years. Rheumatology has told me that this is due to my version of vascular ehlers danlos hypermobility & that these are called Paroxysmal haematomas. I also get them on my feet & lower legs + inside my mouth, where they can be very large....these oral versions burst and pour blood before turning into dreadfully sore erosive ulcer lesions.

There is another condition that causes these in the hands...I think it's called achenbach syndrome...I'll add 2 links:



I've just posted a picture of one of my versions of these nod here...because this discussion is clearly interesting several of us...here is the link:


Am so glad you posted. Over the years I've hardly met anyone who gets these.

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

Hi both my mother and I get this. We just thought it was us. Very interesting reading replies. First app. at rheumatoid next week will add to list.

It is something I got from time to time with my thumbs and the large vein between thumb and forefinger! Never given a name but since I have been on Hydroxycloroquine it has not come back. I have been told I have "autoimmune problems plus Sjogrens or Sicca). I call it Lupus ! Feeling heaps better with Hydroxy daily. Good luck, there are so many odd symptoms it is helpful to hear others have them too. Cas70

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Yes when I started on daily hydroxy 5 years ago my version of these bleeds reduced a bit. Glad you're doing better 🌻🍀🌻🍀

I can't believe it, I get this too! Thanks for mentioning this MariGG & you too Coco for the information. Best Wishes From Pixiewixie

Have u heard of raynauds bcos i know mine started like urs. Sore and red but it gradully spread through my fingers. It is permernent with reoccurring ulsers and lesions. I dnt want to scare u but the earlier u start managing it the better. It is one of my major problems. I can barely use my fingers and i have one on my right big toe. I am on high dose of niefedipine and 50mg of sildenifil (viagra) for dilation of d blood vesseles. I have several infusion like ritoximab, iloprost but the latest i have had is flolan which made a lot of difference. One advice keep ur fingers warm at all times.

God bless xx


Yes I get this sharp hot pain for no reason in my hands later leaves a bruise had this for a couple of years ,

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