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First Day Completed

On the way home now . First day wasn't to bad . They didn't ask for my bank details or my DBS . I asked the teachers classroom who I'm in and she said they will probably do it Monday . I hope so .

I learn how to do resuscitation . I was bit worried because I haven't got a lot of strength in my hands . They had the dummy on a table and I couldn't do it . The lady put it on the floor and I quite happily say I was able to get down and up off the floor with out feeling embarrassed . I then managed a further time when helping tidy the classroom .

I will defo being applying ibrophen jel tonight everywhere .

My back was killing thought we had to sit for 2 hours in worse chair ever . Whilst someone spoke about terrorism and radicalisation .

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You can ask about a better chair - disability rights and all that.


Hi loulamb

Well done for completing an interesting tough first day!. You must be relieved to get it done and you did so well to cope. Rest up this weekend ready for Monday which hopefully will be easier.X


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