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Grrrr DVLA really starting to annoy me now

Really am getting fed up of the DVLA now,sorry about moaning post.

Back in January I had a seizure whilst driving my car,never had one before or since.

They took my licence from me for 6 months,filled in the forms to get my licence back but got turned down.My GP had put incorrect information on the form sent to him.

This got corrected,the neurologist that I saw also filled in a form and wrote to them stating I am safe to drive and not likely to ever have a seizure again.

Next thing DVLA send all the forms again to fill out,sent them off.

Phoned them today to find out what's going on,they now say they are looking into my Lupus and I have to have a medical with my GP.

I told them my Lupus had absolutely nothing to do with my licence being revoked,but apparently it's on the list of illnesses that have to be investigated.I have been driving for 10 years and never heard of this.

Just getting down about it all now,I live in the middle of nowhere and driving is my little bit of independence and now even that's been taken away from me :-(

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Just looked on DVLA site and nowhere does it list Systemic Lupus or Lupus as a medical condition that has to be reported.

I rang them back and luckily got the same man,asked him about it.

His reply was they have a different list,the list on line doesn't always list everything.

So I said so there's thousands if not more people who have Lupus but don't know they are meant to report it to you then.How are people meant to know if you have one list and the public get a different one.

He said he is going to get the medical team to look at my case again as urgent and will bring up the issue about the list.

Think they are just mucking me around now as he also said he doesn't know why I've got to have a medical.

Funny that in our first conversation before I said about Lupus not being on the list,he stated it was because of my Lupus.Now all of a sudden he's not sure.


Bum poo stinking idiot.

😡😡😡😡 what a mess! Dont these people have anything better to do?

I sympathise. Any chance a male relative can ring on your behalf too? I know, I know but I am seeing such results dragging my hubby into every appointment I have. Makes my blood boil, but it has reaped such rewards. Even with female medics. I thought we had got beyond this! A bit of male indignation might help mightily.

Good luck mumo2



My partner did speak to them a couple of weeks ago,he told them it was completely unfair,they have had confirmation from a top neurologist what more do they want.

Still didn't get anywhere.

Just really want my licence back now,I need my little bit of independence back :-(


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