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Rituximab infusion due, but no preliminary bloodtests?

I had two Rituximab infusions back in February and am due to have another two shortly. I have found my energy and mood have improved considerably. However, I am surprised that the date for the infusion is on the same day as my check up appointment - ie that is when they will be taking bloods, but they won't have any results to see what is going on and whether my lupus is active etc, but just carrying on with the infusion. As I'm actually feeling quite well, I'm wondering if this is appropriate. Don't rock the boat, kind of thing. What is other people's experience?

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I have had a few Rituximab infusions now and have had bloods done by my GP a week before the infusion which seems to work, you just need to make sure that they do the right bloods, the people doing the infusion should supply you with a list of what is required.

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Thanks vitalspark. Makes sense. I'll sort it out after the bank holiday


Hi Neriah, I had Rituximab in February and is due another when I come back from my holidays in September and I sam also feeling great but the consultant says that I still need to have this infusion as it's the second and third lot that really makes a difference.

However you will need to have blood test before they can administer the infusion so I will have my blood test a few days before. If you have any infection you cannot be given the infusion.

Hope this help and all the best.



Thanks Maureenpearl, Iwill check with my lupus nurse today


Don't know what you have found out in the meantime - but many of the tests take only a short time to be done and some hospitals have a specialist phlebotomy unit within their chemotherapy administration unit: they take the blood, get the result very quickly and then get on with it if it is OK. My SIL has to go to the unit, has blood taken and the results are back in an hour or two. She lives nearby so nips home but others take a book to read while they wait. But it is always a good idea to check.


Ah thanks, that may well be the case; I'm with a specialist lupus and vasculitis clinic and they are very thorough, such that it would surprise me if they had slipped up in this respect. However I have left a message with my lupus nurse just to make sure. Thanks for your advice


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