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Worst nightmare! Poorly on holiday :(

Does anyone else get anxiety about travelling abroad? Last year was the first time I'd been abroad since getting ill but I did a 5 night stay and it all went well.

This year, I've gone for a four night stay in Iceland and yep, I've got ill. Well at least I'm forced to deal with what makes me anxious I suppose. I'm with my friend who is being v patient. I was feeling a little 'run down' before the holiday but once I'd finished work I was happy and all excited. Journey felt fine, although v long and tiring and it's almost like my body has now caught up. I feel nauseous, achey, flu like, all quite vague but enough to make me feel yuk. I went out walking yday as my friend went on a boat trip and I quite enjoyed it. But then when we went out for dinner last night I just couldn't face food, tried to force some down but then felt like I was going to vomit when I got back.

Was supposed to be at the blue lagoon today. I know it'll be relaxing but I feel so rubbish that I just couldn't go :(

Oh well this time tomorrow I'll be on the flight home. In the meantime here I am in my Icelandic room all alone haha.

Lots of love to all x

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I get exactly the same problems when I'm away from home, even if it's in this country. Can't eat & invariably throw up when I do. My GP has given me Diazepam to help ease the anxiety & it does seem to help. I only take one the day before I'm going somewhere & one on the day. That along with talking myself through things seems to do the trick although I'm still very careful about eating. Good luck, hope you find a solution that works for you.


i supose like most of us we are frightened of being in a strange place and somthing going wrong cos we wonder what the consiquences would be But it think u where verry brave to have done it and its a fether in your cap to have tried but tell yourself well i managed that what can i do next im not letting this thing ruin my life

i notice you have not been diagnosed but ive had mine this will be the 4 th time hits smashe3s u get left with what you get goes away for a few year hits smashes again i just wanted a couple more years but credit to u for trying it out


Thank you both for replying. It's good to know that others feel this too.

I think I have learnt a few lessons from this holiday on how I could improve the situation next time so that's a good thing.

And, if nothing else, it has really really made me appreciate being at home :) xx


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