Mindfulness and Fatigue

I find mindfulness helpful in managing life in general, and with LUPUS symptoms especially fatigue. It doesn't get rid of anything but mindfulness practice helps me not to add to the challenges that are already here. Sometimes its the additions (of which we have choice over) that we put on our challenges (of which we do not have choice over - LUPUS) which makes things worse. I do appreciate that mindfulness isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it may be worth a sip or two if you haven't tried it :-)

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  • Is there any particular routine or thought process that you follow? I like the principles of mindfulness but can never find anything as concrete as a set of instructions!

  • Hi luckyjc

    I practice mindfulness everyday and find it very beneficial. You practice relaxation with a deep breathing exercise each time. Headspace do a free 10 day course to see if you like it.

    As to numbness, could be inflammation affecting your nerves or facet joint in your back. Whichever you need to get it checked out specially as it's worsening. Good luck.

  • Hi

    I have tried lots of different approaches to practicing mindfulness and for me 'watching the breath' is the best way. There is a phone app around called Headspace which gets you started with easy & realistic ways to achieve what you are hoping for. I think you can even get 10 days free trial..


  • There are some online meditations on Oxford mindfulness and also an app called Headspace

  • I followed the traditional Kabat-zinn course Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) you can find the course outline in his book called Full Catastrophe Living. I am also a fan of a book called Finding Peace in a Frantic world written by Professor Mark Williams from Oxford University. For me mindfulness is all about the practise.....I facilitate mindfulness courses and one on one sessions for people with chronic conditions. Ironically now I have one :-)

  • Tripitaka, hooray to all these responses, Mindfullness helps in so many situations. If anyone follows Future Learn, they do a fantastic Mindfullness course on the Internet ( free ). Really good.

    Thanks for raising this topic.


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