Vaginitis and SLE

Hi my friends I do have some problems in my vagina but now I have sever pain and imflammation in my vagina and when I urient I feel remain some urien in my uletra I went to GP he said it doesn't about urinary system it's refer trichomonas vaginitis and take me Metronidazole but I don't know if this pill agree White me, becous I m allergic I want to know about who took this pill before? can I take it?

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Just go to Accident and emergency they should be able to help you.


That's not correct advice, a&E are for accidents and emergencies. Go to a a sexual health or well woman clinic - expert non judgemental supportive and thorough care and treatment. That's their speciality. It's not as embarrassing as you think. People are there for contraception, smear tests, all sorts of things.


Metronidazole is an antibiotic for treating bacterial infections of the vagina. You must not drink alcohol while you're taking it or for 48 hours after you have finished. You just need to check if it's okay with your other medications.



I had some similar problems too, my doctor said it may be sjorgens system and that my tissues have become dry, he put me on hormones directly inserted into vagina which do help with the pain. I dont know if this information is of help.

Good luck


thanks. I think I cants take hormones my Rhumathologist said the hormones increis risk of thrombosis also I had sufferd from dryness as long as I got SLE for 13 years I'm 30 know and when I had gone to Gynicologist they said it just candidiasis becous medication. I didn't have bacterial infection any more and I counfius. I tell u true I went to Gynicologist every week but they said same word candida but know another D.r said I get thiricomonosis!how ? I don have sex for months becous of pain can get thiricomonosis in this situation ?

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Trichomonas is an infection. Get the infection treated, and any sexual partner too, and if your symptoms don't go then see GP again. Metronidazole can make people feel a little unwell but there are alternatives if you really can't tolerate it. Sexual health clinics are best places for this sort of thing..


Absolutely take the pill. I have used it off and on for years and it works like a charm.



if metronidazole agree white you? becous I know some medication doesn't agree white SLE?i haven't taken Antibiotic at all becous I'm allergic to some antibiotic.what about metronidazole?


Hi asma1364,

Certain antibiotics which contain sulfa can cause flares in people with lupus. These include; Sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim (Septra, Bactrim)

and Erythromycin-sulfisoxazole. People who have SLE need to remember that they should always list sulfa antibiotics as one of their allergies, even if they have never taken them before. Sulfa antibiotics can cause lupus to flare, and people who have lupus have a high chance of being allergic to them as well.

Metronidazole is not a sulfa antibiotic so it shouldn't trigger a flare, however, everybody is different and if you are aware of being allergic to this type of antibiotic you should ask your GP for advice.


Hi Poul

Thanx for orienting me. but I do have some problem for example when I took ciprofloxacin first time I didn't had reaction to that althoug I had reaction after third time of taking cipro! I haven't taken antibiotic after that becous one year after got SLE the GP prescripted me Sulfasalazin an I had allerergic to that and I it was a terrible.😓


Oddly enough I am waiting in my Dr office to get some help with with a similar situation. What I initially thought was a yeast infection weeks ago, isn't. Went to dr and he gave me the same antibiotics. It hasn't worked. I've been on that antibiotic twice now and amoxicillin once in the last 7 weeks. Still feel that same...sore, burning, sometimes swollen and ill. Not sure what is going on. It doesn't hurt when I urinate anymore. But it does when I get personal with my mate and randomly throughout the day.

Try the antibiotics dr gives you. If it doesn't help, keep going back.


hi Lara

if we can take amoxicillin? meny years age the D.r said me I can't take family of penicillin and tetracycline and co-trimoxazol becous that make Lupus that right?



I do not know. I have never heard that before.

As a result from my appt yesterday, he put me on a one time dosage of 2000mg of metradonizole (however you spell it).

Almost 24 hours later and I feel no different. I am doubtful it will help.

I will be going back the week after the next, as I am going camping and shutting out the world for a week :)


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