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Atos lies

I've had my assessment by atos three months ago, the ppl who say they are not being used are lying.

I'm a victim of there bullying, I got standard care and standard mobility, it was the standard mobility I'm appealing, they refused to take my drs letter into account saying I can't stand without help or walk more than a metre without server pain, I've a dropped foot with clawed toes I'm unable to bend my left knee, an suffered 50% muscle loss n tissue after being run over by a double decker bus, the mandatory review said they were sticking with the original assessment r,I spoke to c.a.b and I'm know awaiting a tribunal hearing, I'm distressed since my accident was 34 years ago, I'm know suffering osteoarthritis, various other effects aswell as a desease in my eyes contacted with my conditions, yet I've to continue to explain I won't get better my conditions are getting worse an this only adds to the stress, previously I was dla and high mobility that was indefinite

The atos girl who interviewed me was asking my sister questions when I said I've no idea about measurements, my sisters same as me had no idea said can't walk for more than two minutes without stopping?

She was supposed to ask me , she didn't know what drop foot was or clawed toes, she put her hand to her mouth when oi showed her my knee was bigger than my thigh

Atos are still being used do not be fooled

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Hi Mags-hopkins51,

I can't believe they have treated you in this way !!

I hate the assessments as I don't think they realise the stress it puts us under. I'm a total wreck for a week beforehand as well as the actual day.

At least you have done the right thing by going to citizens advice bureau, and its now going to the tribunal, so I wish you good luck for that.

Have you been onto the website it's a fab website and they do ask for a membership amount of about £20, but it shows you how to fill in the forms and what they are looking for in the assessments etc it also has a forum and you can ask any questions and you will get a reply.

I know it shows you how to appeal it may also have help for the tribunals too, so have a look and see what you think. I think anyone who claims benefits should be a member on this website as it holds valuable information that you need to know.

Good luck with everything.



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