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Well yesterday i had to stand up and be counted and rest up all afternoon and watch tv

well yesterday i whent to gym for a swim and paddle then just whent to pub for dinner I dont drink alcohol

well shandy dont like the stuff.

Came back was aching like hell in the tight ligaments on ankles now yes 2 down now feet where hurting and I just thought hell enough push is enough.

but i whent for a walk this morning and i think im going to rest a bit today I have never had bones feel as dry as this. Its as if all this bleeding thing is interested in is bone and ligaments and the nearest thing i can come up with thats similar is dermatomyositis. I have a podiatry appointment next fri so im going to see what she thinks about this And my gums seem to be receding more every day showing more of the tooth Hope you guys are having a better time of it than me at the moment

Usually i push and see an improvment well i did 3 times before this time well im in grave doubt about the improvment nothing seems to be stabalising at all

regards johh

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