It has been a long road starting at a 170 the biggest I have ever been I'm finally down to 140

It has been a long road starting at a 170 the biggest I have ever been I'm finally down to 140

I honestly thought this weight would never come off .it has taken such a very long time for me to even lose 5 pounds and then when I would lose five pounds it seems like it would just come right back on me the following week .so I wasn't getting anywhere .I have never been a big eater everybody says that I eat like a bird. 170 pounds is the biggest I have ever been in my life. 170 pounds and only being 5.4. Of course a lot of my family and my fiance always said that I look great .but I need to lose this weight for me because I did not feel secure weighing that much. So for nine months except for on holidays I did not eat any desserts no candy no pop no junk food and that was very hard for me even though I do not eat a lot most of my calories came from purely sugar because I just I don't know I have a sweet tooth a very bad one and I always want sweets I have started using the artificial sweeteners in my coffee no sugar at all and it has taken me a very long time to lose this weight so I am just so proud of myself that I finally see results now wing 30 pounds less has taken a lot of pressure off of my ankles and my hips and my feet which hurt horribly I could hardly walk before I don't know if this lupus flare-up is starting to calm down a little bit or because this weight change is just making my ankles have less pressure and my feet have less pressure and my hips and back as well it could just purely be the weight loss or maybe my body is starting to go into remission that would just be awesome but either way I am happy and very proud of myself that I was able to lose this weight because I cannot physically exercise I tried and I just couldn't do it it was just so painful and I would be in pain for days so I did not want to force myself to go through that but a girl with a sweet tooth that loves chocolate it has been hard LOL here is a picture of me now after losing 30 pounds I still could lose about 15 pounds more but I am happy with as much as I have lost because I did not think that this was possible

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  • May I ask if you are on any meds? Steroids or painkillers etc? I'm desperate to lose weight but it's a little tricky for me as I am on high doses of pred

  • Yes I am on a lot of medications probably about 20 of them I can name off a few to you that I can remember but I have brain fog right now so it's hard I am on tramadol for pain it gives you a little bit of energy on top of tremendously reducing your pain levels which then makes you be able to do more so that probably did help me out a little bit with losing weight. I am on Synthroid because I have Hashimoto Syndrome it's a thyroid condition and I am on Zofran because of the GI problems and the ulcers I am on all kinds of different medications valium to sleep at night if you don't get the right amount of sleep then you won't lose weight,drinking a lot of water. I cannot think of any more of the medications there so many but the others don't change your weight. he told me that he was going to give me prednisone he decided not to he couldn't because my natural steroid level was so extremely high he said that my body is already naturally fighting this disease on its own and that that was probably why I was gaining weight the way I was. because I don't eat very much the only way to lose weight was just completely drastically changing .I mean I used to drink coffee and I would drink coffee all day to stay up because I had no energy and I would be putting like two scoops of sugar in every cup and that would add up at the end of the day and then I love chocolate so I would eat chocolate so even though I wasn't eating meals cuz I didn't feel good I was still eating desserts and stuff like that I had to completely cut all of the desserts candy anything extra that is not my normal meals I had to just completely cut them out and that is the only way that I was able to lose weight and I'm use to it now. I'm used to using artificial sweeteners like if I'm going to have a bowl of strawberries I usually put sugar on them and I will put the sweetener on it and I have just gotten used to it if I really want a soda I will drink diet dr. Pepper and it seems to curb my craving for sugar but I would definitely ask your doctor especially if you're in so much pain that it's not letting you be able to do anything .I mean I was just pretty much taking care of the baby sitting on my bed. luckily she was young enough then where she wasn't running around and my steroid level was high so and I wasn't not moving so I was just gaining weight and it's awful especially when you try so hard you know. I tried to exercise but it was just much too painful and I wouldn't recommend anybody during a flare-up to exercise .I really hurt myself when I was trying that way,maybe you could try to do it this way and see if it helps drink a lot of water buy things like Crystal Light and diet sodas if you like soda I'm starting to like my tea without any sweetener or sugar so I just had to change my life drastically around to lose anything if I didn't change I would have hit the 200 Mark and I was so scared I did not want to be 200 pounds my mother has always struggled with her weight and she had gastric bypass surgery she weighed over 300 pounds at the time now she's down to 200 and she looks fabulous. but it was scary and it was very hard and she had to put in a lot of work people think that that surgery is just cheating and that you don't have to work you have to work at that you have to do this fasting thing where you only drink liquids for like a month she had the surgery about a year she lost a hundred and fifty pounds or so and I didn't want to have to have that surgery so I just drastically just changed my diet.

  • Sorry for the grammar and spelling.I talk text thru my phone because my hands shake and hurt too much to type. I know it's probably difficult to reading this.

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