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Hi everyone

In three weeks time I have a first Dermatology Assessment Appointment for a leg lesion that could be a slow growing form of skin cancer. I am feeling a little anxious about this as Dermatology is not a speciality I've been to before so was wondering what are these appointments like?. I have my photos ready and would appreciate any advice and help you could give.

Thank you in advance.


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  • Hi Misty I have had a Basel cell cancer removed near my eye and found dermatology great.He knew by looking at it straight away so within the week had mohs surgery to remove it.I,m in Ireland and had it done privately.Try not to worry this is something you have to get sorted.Best of luck.Circles x

  • Hi Circles

    Thank you for your lovely reply. Did you have to have any other treatment after removal?. I'll post the outcome. x

  • Sorry I'm late in replying Misty.After the surgery had stitches removed a week later and that was it all finished with no more treatment.I felt so safe with this surgeon I would have no worries if I ever needed surgery for anything similar in the future.Will be thinking of you.Let us know how you get on.Best of luck.Circles x.

  • Thank you circles for your reassurances. Glad no more treatment was needed for you. I will post an update when I've been. It's the unknown that can be the worst and having it hanging over!. Hope your feeling well at the moment. X

  • Hi Misty

    In 2012 I had a rash which my GP couldn't identify. The Dermatologist was similarly puzzled but said that it might be lymphoma or cutaneous metastases. Within a couple of days I had it biopsied. The pathologist reported that it was Tumid Lupus. Try not to worry, my story shows that the outcome isn't always bad.

    Chin up

  • Hi Maurice

    Thanks for your reply, I'm anxious about the c-word and having anything invasive because of nerve problems!. I've never heard of tumid lupus, did you get treatment for it?. Hope it has worked. Misty.

  • I can't give any advice on this but just to wish you all the best with the appointment x

  • Hi Purpletop

    Many thanks for your very kind reply. Will be glad to get it done. How are you?. Did you have the other POTS tests?. Hope your getting treatment for it. Take Care. X

  • Me too, like PT I can't give advice, but want to send you every best wish for this appt. last year, my GP referred me to dermatology due to some suspicious patches on my face but I think we both felt these weren't actually sinister ...and we were right. But i do know several people (not lupus friends) who have been treated for skin cancers of various seriousness, and all of them found the investigations, treatment & ongoing monitoring very satisfactory.

    The important thing is that you've realised this lesion deserved your 🌟 gp's attention, and that he has recognised it needs to be seen in clinic. And I'm so glad you've taken photos

    Please let us know how you get on...

    πŸ€πŸ˜˜πŸ€πŸ˜˜πŸ€πŸ˜˜ coco

  • Hi Barnclown

    Thank you for your kind and very reassuring reply. I feel better about it all already. A lot of the time it's the fear of the unknown that gets us. It's hard having it hanging over for three weeks!. You've added a great deal as you had reassurance from Dermy's about your face. I hope I have the same, no reason not to. I will certainly post an update and really appreciate your support. Take Care. X

  • Well very much feeling for you...and am very glad you've posted πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Hi Misty, I'm new to having lupus, just told this past week i have it, with other immune diseases I've had for a long time. I'm sure you will be in good hands with your Dr. Please trybnit to worry!!!!!!

  • Hi Jewel

    Thank you for your lovely reply. How do you feel about having another auto-immune illness?. Tough you've got lupus as well as others, take some getting used to!. I too have other immune illnesses , they say that once you have one your vulnerable to others!. I hope they've started you on treatment and you feel better soon

    Reason I'm feeling anxious is the c-word and I hope nothing invasive will have to be done as I've had problems with nerves . Don't want anymore!.

    You be kind to yourself and take care. X

  • I hope your feeling a little less anxious. If you don't already have some med for anxiety I'm sure they can give it to you. It is very hard to wait and go thru all the appointments and tests but we are here with you and care for you. My Dr said they arent going to keep adding the list of my illnesses so I don't worry, and I have a service dog, Roxi, for my peace. Hugs.

  • Hi Jewel

    Thank you for your lovely, caring reply. It's wonderful how we are here for each other on this Forum!. I did some research into basal cell carcinoma and feel better about it. Our specialist appointments can be a worry and an ordeal!. Hope you feel better with your lupus treatment and have a good weekend. X

  • Hi misty , at the moment I see Dermatology every few months due to issues with skin lesions & uv light. A while ago I had a biopsy done just under my right eye. I was incredibly nervous. The doctor & nurses couldn't have been nicer & sensing my nervousness they relaxed me by normal chit chat. The only thing I felt was a little sting from needle to freeze the area. Think I had 3 stitches & never felt a thing. I wldnt be nervous about having it done again. I wld imagine your first appointment may be taking your history & deciding what the nxt step is. My experience with Dermatology has always been positive. Wishing you well & good luck with your appointment.

  • Hi Smudge

    Thank you for your very reassuring , kind post., helps me feel much more positive. It's the Unknown that makes us worry the most!. I'm sorry you are having to visit dermatology so regularly but pleased to hear how kind and good they are. Are you having regular treatment for the skin lesions?. I will post an update on my appt but thanks again for your good wishes. X

  • Hi misty, happy that my post helped you. My results from the biopsy showed inflamed tissues due to uv ray's & lights. I first get a terrible itchy rash, which after a few weeks seems to go, only to start all over again. I'm left with red patches, on my face & arms, which itch if I'm to warm. This had been my best year so far, because I'm learning what to avoid. I wear 50+ sun factor & arms & legs are always covered. On saying that I'm beginning to develop deep red patches on my throat, but they don't bother me in any way. Dermatology are monitoring me because I'm unusual. ( Got to smiles to myself there ;-) There is a possibility that they'll send me to a light clinic, which I know nothing about. Yes please keep us informed how you get on & how you find the experience. Enjoy your weekend, Patricia x

  • Hi Smudge

    Good luck for when you go to the light clinic. Keep us posted too. Amazing what lupus can come up with!.X

  • Hi Misty, I thought I'd check to see how you are coping with waiting for your appt. Its been real hot here in south carolina, usa; live at the beach and have to stay inside mostly. Urggg its difficult but my family and friends are keeping me happy. I hope you are doing well, hugs!!!

  • Hi Jewel

    Thanks for your very kind post. It's not easy waiting for the appointment on the 23rd but I'm trying to distract myself and have done some research about basel cell carcinoma's and feel happier about it. It can't be easy for you coping with such heat!. We're much cooler in UK thankfully!. Hope you keep as well as possible and I'll post an update when I've been. Take care X

  • Your welcome and please update me. I'm doing well, staying indoors is best and have contacted a few resources that willhelp me get more info to make the best decisions I can. Enjoy your weekend hugs, julie

  • Hi Jewel

    Are you feeling happier at your lupus diagnosis?. We need time to process these things, come to terms with it all. Were you put on treatment?. Hopefully you will benefit soon if so. Tough for you having other immune illnesses too. I've collected others as well. Hope your a bit cooler this weekend and thank you for your lovely messages. X

  • 7unfortunately I'm at that point my drs dontbkbiw what to do. Theyvarevhaving me do it cold Turkey until lung lesion iims sorted won't be determined until sept 26-28. I calkked national psoriatic foundation today and they are bmadsusting nhw. Vthenbi called lupus fdn of America (I worked there for a shirt while but was getting too sick to continue). So I calkedcan old colleague who happens to srmtill be a VP. He calmed me down but is still hard waiting as you know. I just don't need this waiting, my eyes as going quickly, stomach, legs, hips, back, etc. Talking helps , thank you for asking. How are you feeling?

  • Hi Jewel

    That's tough having to go cold turkey till end Sept and cope with heat!. Is it any cooler?. Hope you get help you need. I agree talking helps and sharing!. I'm feeling a bit gutted as a steroid injection I had for right leg nerve pain has suddenly stopped working after a fortnight of being pain free. I see the pain consultant begin Sept to discuss it. Perhaps we'll bring each other luck?. Take CareX

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