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Grandma newly diagnosed

I am new to these Boards. I was diagnosed with lupus last year. Although confused because it was the scleraderma tests that showed abnormal. This autoimmune stuff is confusing. My 32 year old son was diagnosed with Lupus a little over a year ago and he has had problem after problem. He has been hospitalized a couple of times and suffers experiences a lot of pain in his sternum. My 33 year old daughter lost her kidneys about 8 years ago due to autoimmune and they have yet to put a name on it. I have a 28 year old son who does not have any symptoms. Perhaps he will be the lucky one. My lupus is mild but obviously my two adult children have very severe cases.

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Hi there. It sounds as though your family has been through such a lot with Lupus/ autoimmunity. I'm autoimmune too - first diagnosed with RA five years ago aged 47 - now 53 and probably to be rediagnosed with Sjogrens, Lupus or Scleroderma. I too have positive bloods for Scleroderma but perhaps I will be diagnosed with UCTD instead because I seem to have bits and pieces of all the CT diseases but no classic symptoms of any one specific disease. I hope treatments are effective for you and your family.


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