SLE and IVF Treatment

Hi Everyone. I am currently going through IVF. My SLE flares have been quite manageable but after a week of hormone treatments I am feeling quite terrible. I am on Pergoveris, Gonal F and Cetrotide. I havent had a sore throat or Flu in years and now I've got terrible body and joint aches with a sore throat. Could this just be the drugs or is this more likely a Lupus flare and should I chat to my doctor?

Also, any side affects if you were on these drugs?

Thanks :)

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Hi CourtneyVC,

Here is what The Lupus Encyclopedia, by Donald E. Thomas Jr, M.D. says about IVF and lupus;

"One of the methods used to help produce pregnancies in women who have fertility problems is called ovarian stimulation. This is a medical technique where women receive hormones to cause the production of increased numbers of eggs. These eggs are then fertilised with the father's sperm (in vitro fertilisation), which is followed by placement of embryos into the woman's uterus. A potential problem with ovarian stimulation is that certain hormones, especially a group called gonadotropins, have an increased chance of causing lupus flares. In fact, even in women without a history of lupus, about 2% of women who have this procedure develop a complication called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which can mimic flares of lupus. To decrease the risks of developing flares of lupus in women who have SLE, and of decreasing complications during assisted reproduction, it is recommended that;

- SLE should be in remission for at least twelve months prior to ovarian stimulation.

- People who have pulmonary hypertension, severe kidney disease, or severe heart disease, or who have had significant blood clots in the past should not undergo assisted reproduction.

- Hypertension (high blood pressure) should be brought under excellent control prior to beginning ovarian stimulation.

- Medications that are less likely to cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome should be used.

- Only one embryo should be implanted at a time."

It looks as though Gonal F is a gonadotropin from here -

I think that it is important that you chat to your doctor about this.


Thanks so much! I'm going for a scan tomorrow and will chat to them about it.


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