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searching for sle treatment

hello sir

i am the student of architecture (final year) . basically i am from swat but now i am living in hyderabad . sir i have some complications about SLE with vasculitis from last 7 year , i am under treatment with Dr abid farooqui ( PIMS) ,but i did not got a permanent relief or response , i have some major problems like joints pain headache , extreme tiredness , infection in urinary system , losing wait day by day , i also researching about SLE but i did not got any information about SLE treatment , i am a young boy , i have a lot of wishes , i have a future ahead , i am very upset from the disease , please if you can suggest me about my treatment it's will be better for me , or if you can give me your clinic detail , that i will come there for treatment , now my dose is


HCQ 200



folic acid

from the dose i did not got any permanent response ,

i have to be treated from many doctor's from 7 year's . you just suggest me it's my special request to you ,

may allah bless you :)

thanks a lot

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Hi naveed555, you must have been diagnosed at such a young age. I have now also been diagnosed with SLE for 5 years but thankfully as I was retiring from work not starting it.

I am not aware that you lose weight with SLE so is it possible that you also have another health problem? I can only think of overactive thyroid that could cause weight loss. Perhaps someone else can think of anything else.

I'm on hydroxychloraquine 400mg a day. One 200mg in the morning and 200mg in the evening.

I haven't heard of zobix or zestril.

I do hope you get on okay.

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Who is it that loses weight with prednisone ??? Every time I take it my weight gets higher and higher.

I want to ask my doctor to give me something for losing weight also.


Me!😉 I truly lose weight when I'm on pred. Because of the risk of diabetes I go sugar free and the weight drops off...and I find it easy to go sugar free when on pred because I feel so much better and I don't get the sugar cravings from low energy.

But I still get moon face😐

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But i lose weight weight with pred :( my Doctor given from last 8 years :( can please any one help me about the treatment of sle ?


Hi !

yeah for sure , i lose weight 15 to 20 Kg . and i have also many complications with Sle , like fatique , headache, some urinary problems , etc

my daily dose is

HCQ 200 mg

cytotrexate 10 mg

prednisolone 5 mg

Airtal (aceclofenac) 100mg

Comforat(cyclobenzaprlne )10 mg

i am using from many years but i did not find the relief , now can u suggest me what should be done further more ?


thank you for reply

but the dr told me that this treatment will take time , and would be suits after medicines reactions


Hi naveed555,

I am sorry to hear that your current treatment hasn't managed to keep your lupus under control. I'm afraid that we are not medically trained and could not recommend what treatment options may suit you better. Have you discussed that you feel your treatment isn't effective enough with your consultant?

There are a wide range of lupus treatment options available. You can learn more about them in our factsheet, 'Lupus and Medication' here -


hi sir !

actually i am under treatment from last 8 years , but always and always i feel that complications thats my permanent problem , i have an appointment every 3 months but the dr do not show their sincerity with me , and he is the only Dr in pakistan to treat Sle patients , but i am worried too , now can u suggest me more ? if i avoid medicines then ? because i am tired from Dr's , from medicines , from treatment , from pain , what should be done ? thank you


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