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Please do not try supplements without the guidance of a specialist. Buuuut do seek ALTERNATIVES. Don't settle like I almost did.

*Rheumatoid factor 17 to 13 (back to normal range on that one)

....still working on

*Inflammation 39 to 31

*Protein 8.9 to 8.1

*Globulin 4.3 to 3.8

And Positive ANA :/ Seeing pcp next week for more testing. But happy numbers are going down with life style change, healthier eating.

Picture (Before and after) kinda sucks, but here you go. Best of luck to you all.

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I have started taking a supplement for my connective tissue disease. Its called hydrolyzed collagen. I havent brought this up to my doctors yet but i will soon. So far so good. I think. 😕

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Thank you I will look into it and maybe try it also :) I see my pcp soon.