A little update on my nuclear bone scan

I had a nuclear bone scan I think April, ordered by my rheumatologist, well I received a letter yesterday telling me there was a increase in the amount of dye round the shoulders and hip area, as a result, the x-ray specialist would like further x-rays ? I have always had pain in these areas especially my hips, especially more now that I have muscle wastage around my left hip & thigh but funny enough the pain seems to be more around my right hip & my lower back is ridiculous with pain at times 👎 anyone else been sent back for more z-rays.

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  • Why not MRIs instead? Your body has already been radiated enough with the radioactive injection, why add radiation with an X-ray. Yes, X-rays have a far lower dose of radiation than anything else but coming so soon after the recent test, can't they try using an MRI instead?

  • I really don't know, I thought when I didn't hear anything after 2 weeks they didn't find anything, so goodness knows what they are doing

  • Update on my nuclear bone scan, i was sent to get other xrays as abnormalities showed, I've since had those xrays and my Gp phoned me 2 days after with the results, the results are I've wear and tear to my spine and pelvis??? I need to make a appointment with him to find out exactly what's going on! The week before I got these results he told me the damage was done??? Feeling rather annoyed that I've got to question everything, I'm just so tired and in pain to know if I have enough fight left!!

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