My GP diagnosed me with SLE yesterday. I see the rheumy on the 20th. I haven't had the ANA test yet but I'm pos. For lupus anticoagulant. Pretty sure I have sjogrens too and have for quite some time. Got diagnosed with FMS back in 1997 after a bout of pneumonia and pleurisy. Never felt the same after that as the fatigue started. Currently I have the fatigue, bad every other day followed by a good day. Hair is thinning out, pleuritic chest pain, arthralgia and I could go on. Trying to keep a good attitude. After all, my mind is still functioning. More than I can say for my BRAIN! !!

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  • Hi Jen

    It's good to get the dx as you've been suffering for so long. No-one want the 🐕 but now at least you'll receive treatment .

    All the best for the rheumatologist appointment later this month.




  • Hi there, did your doc actually say sle? Being positive for lupus anticoagulant (confusingly) doesnt on its own mean lupus. Its a marker for Hughes Syndrome. Maybe it will make more sense when you see the rheumy. Good luck xx

  • For more information on Lupus anticoagulant



  • Hi Jen

    Just a word of caution for your Rheumy appt on 20 th. He might disagree with your GP's diagnosis of Lupus . Usually it is the consultant who diagnoses it after doing the specialist blood tests. I just want you to be prepared and not have a shock. Let us know how you get on. X

  • Thanks misty..I figured as much. I know not to be insistent too cuz that could piss him off.

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