Evening all. Just like to pick your brains. I'm 40 diagnosed with sle last year and on lots of different meds. Over the past few months I've been developing new moles on my back. Various sizes and not grouped together. The largest ones are a bit itchy but no other off signs. Has anyone else had this issue. I thought I was a bit old to start getting new moles. I have a dermatologist appt in July due to dry and sore hands so can ask then but just thought I'd ask. Apart from dry hands ears and sometimes around my beard area I don't tend to suffer traditional lupus rashes.

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  • I would be going to the doctor and not waiting for the the dermatologist appointment

  • Hi Neiluk75, itchy moles may be a cause for concern. If your mole becomes itchy or it is persistently itchy, you should certainly have it examined by your doctor. I would follow MargaretGail's advice and have them examined by your GP. They may wish to arrange a more urgent dermatology consultation.

  • Like Margaret I'd have been at the doctor long ago demanding an emergency appointment - if you are already in the system there is no reason they can't bring that appointment forward.

    Even if they aren't nasty, the dermatologist probably needs photos and measurements for monitoring purposes - because things can change.

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