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GSK are looking for lupus patients for a discussion about injectable therapies

GSK are looking to involve lupus patients (any age or gender) in a 2 hour session entitled ‘Patient Focus-making the value a reality’ within a medical meeting on 3rd June at GSK Head Office in Brentford (2-4pm).

The objective is to understand the patient perspective on self-injectable therapy, and to help the medical team understand how patients would perceive challenges and concerns. The format would be talking to the team regarding patient journeys with lupus and then working with a small group to identify the tactics to improve the patient experience, especially considering patients who may be required to switch from oral to injectable therapies in the future.

If this is something you may be interested in being a part of, please either phone 01902 498236 or e-mail by this coming Friday, 20th May for more information.

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