Looking for a rheumatologist in forth valley

I have been seen by 4 different rheumatologists on four different occasions each one giving me a different diagnosis, one being lupus the last one is now saying more likely to be RA but others have said lupus or fibromyalgia, two dermatologist confirmed discoid lupus. I feel I am no where nearer getting a definite diagnosis of what is wrong with me. I have been on hydrox dose 400mg a day that seemed to settle my skin but not so good for my joints, also on methotrexate. But in the past two weeks I have sores all over my face and hands which are swollen and my raynaunds have been particularly bad. Would anyone know the name of a rheumatogist in the forth valley area that has a keen interest in dealing with lupus patients

Thank you in advance to your suggestions Zbobski

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  • Hi Zbobski,

    I am seen in Forth Valley by a Rheumatologist called Dr Sara Else. Although I don't have Lupus I know she has a special interest in Connective Tissue Disease.

    She trained in Leeds and is knowledgable, empathetic and not afraid to ask for guidance from other Consultants.

    Unfortunately it can take a while to get a definitive diagnosis as all the symptoms of auto immune Rheumatic diseases overlap to a certain extent.

    Hope that helps, you can always ask for a second opinion in Glasgow if they can't make up their mind locally.

  • i`m on NHS waiting list for a rheumatologist at forth valley, are you private? how come youve seen 4? im thinking about going private now as iv been on the waiting list for 6 months

  • There were staff off sick and on Mat leave so they had a lot of locums! I saw 4 Rheumy's there as well as there was no continuity of care for a while.

    There are very few private Rheumy's in Scotland now and none in Forth Valley. Your best bet might be Edinburgh but I am not sure that any of the Rheumy's that see private patients there know much about Lupus.

  • i was due to see Dr McEntegart at King parks privately?

  • I think she is a Glasgow Rheumy?

    The last time I checked Kings Park there weren't any Rheumy's available. Thanks for the update. 😄

    I initially went Privately in Forth Valley 4 yrs ago as the waiting lists were months then.

  • Yes, i rang up privately and got one the next week with her at BMI Kings park!! Had to cancel , but I don`t know whether to hold of and wait for NHS one..........

  • Hi, I was diagnosed with Sle 5 years ago and see Dr Tom Blyth at forth valley royal and have done for the whole time, I've had numerous ups and downs and but with the correct meds manage to sustain a pretty normal life - hope this helps, good luck 😉

  • Hi,

    I have been seen by Dr Else in Forth Valley, for SLE, over the past few years

    She has a keen interest in Lupus and as another post says trained in Leeds. The Rheumatology nurse Sr Davis is also easy to get a hold of if you need Depomedrone inj etc

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