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Hi all,

I have lupus SLE and rayhnards over the past few months I've been getting cramp in the trunk part of my body l can be just sitting doing nothing and wham it comes on l wakes me up in the night it can be anywhere behind my ribs in my back my sides my neck and i'm so so tired all the time , Its bad enough that having Lupus makes me tired, I used to get cramp in my legs and feet quite a lot but generally only when l was pregnant, (and there is deffo no chance of that)But this is really weird l looked on the NHS website all l could find was drink plenty of water as this is a common cause of cramp,but 3 months on and drinking water like a river nothing seems to work?

Has anyone else had this problem?

Hope your all having a good day xx

The mum xxx

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  • Hi.. I get what I can only think is cramping in my upper back. It's quite severe and uncomfortable, lasts for 5mins and the stops only to go again a bit later.. Will go through phases of it. I'm not diagnosed - suspected connective tissue and waiting for rheumatology appt. I also have a twitching disorder so don't know if it's related or not. Mainly my upper back but will get the odd cramp in other parts of body.

    I just have to wait for them to pass..

  • It's like you have written this on my behalf! I bend over to reach something and bam I've got cramp in my ribs or stomach and people don't believe me. All I can say is that it is better since I started Azathioprine x

  • Hi thank you for your reply,I've been on Azathioprine for 4 years x

  • Sounds like costochondritis????

    My granddaughter has it and you describe something similar, but apart from that suggestion I haven't a clue, sorry.

  • Hi i know what you mean i get it too. I think it is the "lupus hug". I find pain killers and a hot water bottle does wonders. I have sle, raynauds, sjogrens and fibromyalgia. I hope it helps. It is awful so good luck to you and please mention it to your rheumy because i am sure it is part of disease process. X

  • thank you xx

  • Do you take cocodamol or paracetamol? If you take a lot of those, they will cause cramp. I was perscibed both and ended up with cramp all over my body. It also came on when I was asleep and wake me up. I was in agony. My husband had to try and get me on my feet otherwise it would not stop. It was a nightmare. I decided to leave the tablets off but it took a while before the cramps completely stopped.

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