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Follow on from Fybro discussion

Sorry, but I was unable to find the named French article on Fibro but I did find another article that left me, well gobsmacked. Please, can some of you read this and give your opinion. This article is not prompted by saving money, or because fybro is all in the mind?

Please prove me an idiot for my reading of this.

Sorry, I cant do a link and that my brain cant remember something I just read.

It is an Australian publication quoting research being done in the UK, well Scotland if memory serves, about cognitive therapy and fibro or being in pain all over.

Apologies. It googles as fibromyalgia news today. Its the top article.



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I don't see the link, but a lot of articles I've read on fibro are absolutely infuriating


Hi Footygirl, the link is

I am just printing this its 16 pages long and will read through it and get back to you later but from what I have read so far it looks very interesting.

Write soon.



Thanks for the link! What a wonderful organisation & website 👍👍👍👍😘


Hi Footygirl, looks like if you live in the regions in Scotland that are mentioned then you would get this CBT Teatment. If you already have Fybro, from what I can gather more than 6 months you are not getting the treatment. They are looking at people who have visited their doctors with pain over 6 months. I don't think sufferers with pre-existing Fybro will get the funded treatment.

I have not read it yet but also on news today Tonix pharmaceuticals are talking of a Phase 3 Clinical trial. Will read that later. You may have already read it.

Good luck with your continued search.

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Love noonoox


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