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Could it be lupus?

I have 5 of the diagnostic criteria:

1. Nose ulcers

2. Migraines and cognitive clouding to the point where I can no longer work. Myoclonic jerking throughout my body. Significant fatigue. Intermittent low grade fever (about 99.6).  Hearing loss (genetic component)

3. Several incidences of pleurisy while sick and current ongoing pain with inspirations.

4. POS. antiphospholipid-lupus anticoagulant with PE two different on Xarelto. ANA has been negative in the past but need to recheck  .CBC normal..platelets sometimes elevated (weird).

5. Disabling joint and muscle pain

Miscellaneous: chronic thyroiditis, ear infections, hallux rigidus repair last year with removal of spurs..iritis

What do you think? It's a confusing presentation.

Thanks, Jennifer

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Whether lupus or not, it seems to me any good rheumatologist experienced in immune dysfunction & connective tissue disorders would want to consider your case.  The diagnostic process can take some time, though...years guessing you know this.  But that process usually involves learning more about your individual version of disorder via regular monitoring while trying you on a considered choice of systemic treatments....the degree to which you benefit will help further diagnosis

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Hi JenInCali,

Have you asked your GP to do some blood tests for lupus? Testing for ANA, antiphospholipid antibodies and anti-dsDNA are a good place to start. 

If you would like more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, you can download a free pack from our website at


Hi and thank you.  I have a positive lupus anticoagulant. That was done after my 2nd P.E.  I'm seeing a rheumy next month. My last ANA was 5 years ago and negative.  Both my parents have autoimmune disorders...Hashimotos and psoriatic arthritis.


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