Distraction from lupus tomorrow it's going down lol

Distraction from lupus tomorrow it's going down lol

I know that sounds like I'm about to party,but I'm about to shop for my daughter's easter basket and go grocery shopping. I haven't in a month now.I couldn't, but today I feel just a little bit better. Hopefully it's starting to go away.I still feel terrible but not as bad. I'm not crying .i haven't cried once today.My daughters 1st birthday is next month planning a big party for her. A tropical 1 because she loves the movie rio.I'm going to buy the stuff to make her the best cake ever. It will be so gorgeous.. I will post pictures.Her birthday isn't until April 24th.So I'm just buying the supplies to make the cake.Blue raspberry jello cake with homemade whipped cream frosting, and I'm making tropical plants, flowers and airbrushing a sunset .Then putting the cartoon figure cake toppers I bought the characters blu and jewel.Its going to be awesome and I cannot wait to make her first cake. Then record her smashing her hand in it old school style no smash cake .She is going to smash her own huge cake then the piece she smashes I will cut out and give to her. She will be in her pretty dress. I dont care if she ruins the dress it won't fit in 2 months anyways. it will be on video lol..Feeling optimistic.

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  • Awww, how sweet! What a wonderful way of taking your mind off, the party, the cake, all sounds fantastic. And your little girl is gorgeous! Many happy returns of the day for her, even if it is a bit early.

    It's great that you're feeling a bit better - just try not to overdo it, otherwise you go backwards. Supermarkets are a big trigger for me - the sensory overload of so many items passing in front of my eyes, the glare from the lighting, the long aisles. I tend to make a list and stick to it religiously, when I'm not feeling great.

  • I know I went yesterday and ended up puking in the toilet while a bunch of people were waiting for a stall it was embarrassing,but I'm using the electric wheelchair and wheeling thru the store .so I can get out and feel free.I feel like a prisoner of lupus.I bought baseball caps for the light sensitive.I have a few different ones so match all my outfits.Lucky I'm from the city so I can dress up and still wear a baseball cap.Like my profile picture tho i wear it normal the bile is in the front.

  • Hi Julietsmombless2015, Sounds like you have it all planned out. It's a beautiful idea. Enjoy your baby and her birthday. I hope it makes you feel super good. Give Juliet a big birthday kiss. Continue to think and do positive and beautiful acts of love. It's good for the soul and mind.🎈

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