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Sudden visibility of veins on palms?

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Has anyone experienced this? Sometimes I look at my palms and I can see the veins really clearly, as if the skin was tissue-thin.

I suspect it is a vascular problem, just wondering if anyone else has it.

If you do, do you also have Raynauds? Or any other vascular issues?

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Hi Purpletop,

I get the same but in my lower arms - on the top side. They sometimes are painful too.

I don't know what it is. I have Raynauds too. I did mention it once to my GP and got

"how odd". I don't think people always believe some of the odd things we get. I don't

know what it is but I don't get it in my hand. Will be interesting to see what anyone else

says. Do you get pain in them?

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snippergee in reply to loopy-lou

Hi, I have Fibromyalgia and hypermobility syndrome and raynauds possibly as one doctor said I did and another said I didn't and that it was vascular but none of them seemed interested in looking into it further. I have followed these sites for a while but this is the first time I have commented. I have the same problem with my veins in the palm, on the top of my hands and in my wrists, they get very painful and the more painful they get the more the veins seem to bulge, especially the little ones that look like they bridge the larger veins. I have mentioned this many times to my doctor and specialist. My doctor claims there is no such thing as 'vein pain' and my specialist just smiles and says it is all part of my conditions. My hands are getting worse and are starting to feel more rigid. I felt I had to comment as I have rarely seen this mentioned before and I am interested to see if anyone has got a further diagnosis with this. Also as awful as this pain is, it helps knowing others suffer as well and we are not alone or going mad. It also worry's me as my 23 year old son mentioned to me that he has started getting pain in his veins on his hands and he did not know I suffer with this as well till he mentioned it to me, I really do not want him to go through what I have been through for the past 3 years and would love to find some answers instead of coming up against brick walls.

Thankyou for listening.

Hi Snippergee

Welcome to the LUPUS UK community! Sorry to hear that you have been having problems with your health.

If you are unhappy with your diagnosis then you are always entitled to a second opinion on the NHS. Maybe you could see another consultant? Do you have a Rheumatologist?

If you'd like a free information pack about lupus and LUPUS UK then you can apply for one or download one here:


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Purpletop in reply to snippergee

I haven't yet found an answer but I'm usually pretty dogged when it comes to finding a cause for symptoms. So I'll keep pushing.

The reason I've asked about Raynauds is because that affects the extremities and it is a vascular insufficiency. The way the veins appear in our case seems to suggest a surge of arterial blood somewhere which could then result in an increased return in the veins. If the veins are partially unable to dilate to allow for this oosh of blood, then they strain, which makes them more visible and could give the pain sensation.

But this is all speculation - I'm no doctor, nor do I know much about the vascular system. I will try and find the right specialist and ask. Will keep you updated.

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Could you perhaps post a photo like Twitchy does? Thank you :-)

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Purpletop in reply to loopy-lou

Mine don't hurt - yet. A vascular specialist would probably know, I've asked the cardiologist and he looked at me as if I was complaining about nothing.

To me it seems to suggest some sort of micro vascular dysfunction at the peripheries, nothing happens in our bodies without cause. I just want to know what that is.

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Roanna in reply to Purpletop

Just out of curiosity has anyone ever tried to massage across the area of pain higher up the arm as if the veins were knotted muscles. I remember with my lupus I had this symptom the first few years of diagnosis and deep massage really relaxed the area, hurt at times but felt much better after. Good luck with finding out what is causing your vein type pain.

I have just noticed mine are the same it is like the skin is thinning. It just looks the same on my breasts as well. My fingerprints seem to have disappeared also and the tips are smoother and shinier. Any one else with Lupus noticed this?

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Jay4519 in reply to Pooley66

I too had a similar problem just this morning. Never experience it before. My veins were not poping or bulging or hurting nothing like that but my left hand, its like the skin was thinning. It was scary for few seconds then I found it odd. Then I looked at my right hand and that palm was normal. Then I took my hand out of the water and it was normal. It was a strange experience for me. I will keep this site bookmark in case anything new and strange happens again.

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Reezie in reply to Jay4519

Hi All. I’m a healthy 40 year old female. Just noticed my palm veins were VERY blue/bright...which they’re normally not. Went online. Found this post. Realized I’d just run my sons bath water. Waited 3 mins. Gone. Put my hands back in the warm bath water. Noticeable veins. Soooo... problem solved. I’m guessing it’s not a big deal, something to do with water/temp? I’m sure I didn’t drink enough water today. Etc. Hope this helps you all.

That really sounds like scleroderma. How are you doing now?

Or actually maybe acrodermatitis atrophicans.

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