Hair dye and bleach?

Does anyone with lupus SLE know, if I can use bleach hair products in my hair? At the moment I use semi- permanent hair colours. I don't any problems with it them. But I want a brighter colour because my hair has darkened other years before I started dying my hair. I need to bleach my hair to choose a lighter colour and I'm not sure if I should, so I'm asking and researching before just in case I flare up. Many thanks x

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  • My consultant said no to hair dye I have lupus discoid .maybe ring helpline before you go ahead with bleach .good luck

  • Hi xcuttsx, we would advise you to ask your consultant for their opinion on your personal case. Many people with lupus are more prone to reactions from chemicals, so we would generally urge caution. If you do go ahead with this please ensure you properly complete any patch tests first.

  • I've been coloring/lightening my hair since I was 16 years old (over 30 yeas ago) with permanent hair color. I was diagnosed with SLE in July 2014 and have been on Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) 300 mg/day ever since. I've continued to color my hair with no ill effects. I use Garnier Fructis hair color.

  • I too have been colouring my hair (I have discoid ) since I was 16. I now use "permanents" - fortunately with no ill effects

    PS I am now 76

  • I'm on hydroxyclryquine too plus I'm on thyroid , microthenalte motifill immune suppression and multivitamin

  • I take levothyroxine for hypothyroidism. Also on a bunch of different OTC supplements. I like Garnier hair color - works well and I have found it to be gentle and it doesn't smell bad.

  • Which one and where do u buy it

  • I'm in the US. The Garnier Fructis product line is available in pretty much every drugstore/pharmacy (CVS, Walgreens, Riteaid, etc.), department store (Target, Walmart, etc.), and grocery store as well as many online sites.

    I use Garnier Nutrisse, #93 (Light Golden Blonde):

    If you are not in the US, this appears to be the equivalent on Amazon UK:

    It could also be available in your local pharmacy, department store and/or grocer, albeit the packaging and color choices may be different.

  • Thanks

  • Hi xcuttsx, please do be aware that lupus varies from person to person. While one product works well for one person, it might not work so well for another so we do advise caution. As Paul said, please ensure you properly complete any patch tests first.

  • I've wondered the same thing. I color my hair at a salon every 6 wks. Was just diagnosed in Nov and have colored it 2x already. The only thing I notice, because I have developed a rash on my scalp, is that when I get it colored it burns in those spots. I will continue to get it colored but have wondered if there is something better to use out there.

  • Please see my reply to milkwoman. Hope it helps - good luck

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