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As promised guys here is an update. I started with the 25mg on azathioprine and I was having blood test every week and they was increasing the dose slowly. I am now on 100mg. I was seeing a woman Laura which my specialist is Beavan. He is amazing. But I ended up had to complain about Laura and sent an email to that was due to her not having knowledge about the condition and not showing understanding or remorse about the way I was feeling. About 3 weeks ago I went 5 days without my tablets as she didn't supply them to me and I had to get them sent out in the post. I have also been mentioning my stomach a lot in every appointment. I get the bloated feeling, my stomach is swollen and I feel like I can't eat coz I feel constantly full but I still eat anyway and I feel sick. Since complaining I had an appointment a week later with Beavan and now I have had an appointment through to have a full stomach scan on Friday 22nd Jan. I have had the steroid injection as well now to calm things down. I did work a bit but I done 11 hours shift in work everyday this week which have warn me out and I'll be doing the same next week except for Tuesday as I have started my unite the union training as I am now also a union rep in my work place. Hope you all had a nice Christmas and new year.

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Hi Blondie,

Thanks for update,Let us know how the abdominal ultrasound goes.I have been having the same constantly full feeling and everything I eat which isn't much at mo to be honest ,makes me feel sick,I am also on azathioprene and had full abdominal ultrasound on Thursday which showed nothing really bad ,in fact my enlarged spleen must have got scared cos it's shrunk back a bit,The doctor doing scan did say though ultrasounds won't show any stomach problems so next step is camera down grr yuk! Hope you get on ok and do let me know results.

Take care.


I had my scan and the woman said that she couldn't see anything. Even checked on my ovaries as I haven't seen anything for 8 years from being on the pill injection. Had to drink 2 more bottles of water ( I feel sorry for pregnant women lol ) she said everything was fine but just waiting to see my specialist now. I hope they find something with you. It's not nice going through it. I know there are loads that suffer with their stomach but apparently that is not commen in lupies. I think I will have to guide my specialist to this website.


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