I had to share with everyone, "MY HAIR IS GROWING BACK" after a few years of it getting thinner and thinner I noticed I have about 3/4 inc of hair all over scalp!! had washed hair and started the game of trying to make sure the worse of my thin part's were covered when I spotted the regrowth!!! I really needed some good new's.

And for those that need to no what I was/am doing that's different it's this:

Hydroxychloroquine 2007=now

Azathioprine Feb 2013=now

Vit D (ADCAL-D3) March 2013=now

:* xx

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  • That's great news! This means it has been growing since you've started Aza, so immune system was not attacking hair anymore. I'm so pleased for you!

  • Thank you Purpletop, I'm pleased too. xx

  • Thats brilliant. Im chuffed for you. X

  • Thank you jo xx :D

  • Yay yay yay, great news everything good thing is worth celebrating :-)

  • Yay thank you I even put some make up on today just to celebrate. ;) xx

  • Oh I am so glad for you, I find the hair loss the most embarresing about my SLE. when people stare - it is not so bad in the summer when my scalp gets a bit brown, at least then my bald patches don't 'glow' in the light. To know one of us has hair growing back make me feel so

  • I hope your's starts for you soon, there is only so many hat's you can wear when the sun's out isn't there. Good luck xx (If you need to, give me a shout any time on here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can) xx. :d

  • Brilliant xxx mine thickened from taking plaquenil

  • I'm so pleased for you. xx :D

  • Hey hon, thats fab news....mine is taking ages to grow again but im persevering. Been taking biotin which i think is helping, will also try Adcal like u mentioned, worth a try :)

  • Good luck I hope it help's you too. :D xx

  • That's wonderful news, Minimum. Sooo please for you. X

  • Thank you :D xx

  • Pleased for you Mimimum but you do realise you might have to start paying for hair cuts..... LOL :)

  • lol Yes that had crossed my mind too ;) xx

  • Thank you all for you warm response's, and the funny's too. I'm still worried about washing it to much, but I'm sitting on the couch gently touching my hair and I can feel some short wispy bit' lol It make me smile too :D make's taking all the pill's worth it. Good luck to you all.

    :) xx

  • Hi , glad your hair is growing in. My hair has been thinning for past 6 months until i started Nioxin shampoo treatment for hair loss , it has now stopped thinning. I got a starter treatment pack at my hairdressers. Probably not that useful if it is just growing in but i would highly recommend it for hairloss.


  • Thank you Lupylucy, I'll look in to that, it really is good to feel fluff bit's on my scalp, I only noticed today that my eyebrows seem to be coming back a little bit!! not any improvement anywhere else, small steps maybe but I'm happy with that. xx :D xx

  • Great news! Am very happy for you. xxx :)

  • Thank you :D xx

  • Fantastic news, all of these little victories over Lupus deserve to be celebrated :) xx

  • Thank you, even my Dr is happy for me, and he's made a note of what and when I am taking for another lupus he is treating!!! :D xx

  • Brilliant news! Isn't it such a relief when it starts to grow back? I noticed that mine too has new growth coming after several months of it coming out in handfuls. It's so important to at least feel you look 'normal' with this horrible condition. May it continue to grow lots! D x

  • Thank you Davina, it the things like this than can make all the difference on a bad (normal) day can't it. Good luck to you and to anyone who has this to deal with. :D xx

  • Hello there, I know it's a while since you posted this and hope your hair is looking good! Pretty new to this and not doing much today as its a day where I feel it could spiral out of control so resting and catching up with this site. What a god send it is. Last year my hair thinned but not enough for others to notice as I have very thick hair, I stopped using hair colour, drastic step when your very grey and haven't seen your natural colour for over 30 years! Well I noticed mine is getting thin again, if you look at my questions etc you will see I haven't been diagnosed yet but under a rhuematologist in Boston. I'm new to the area and also saw you lived quite near, which makes me feel less lonely than before, believe it or not. I've been referred to Boston hospital, I've heard good a bad reports about it, do you have any knowledge at all? Carol x

  • Hi there,

    I'm glad that to hear about your story. Thanks for sharing it here. I've been dealing hair loss too before. But I'm glad to found Reloxe which is the only one product that worked for me.

  • I'm pleased you found it helped, I'm going through a stressful time right now I don't think it's helping my hair I might give it a try. thank you xx :D

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