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Apnoea update, panicking a bit

I just got a call today from my GP office, saying my Gp received the request to refer me to a sleep study, but the office said he wants to see me, and has booked a double appointment. Considering my last experience, I am now absolutely bricking it. Why does he need to see me first for a referral when my own rheumy has put in the request? What in the world does he need to know about it? I have a really horrible, sneaking suspicion it's going to be a conversation of how I actually don't NEED the referral, because if I just Stopped Being Fat it wouldn't be a problem, and he's just going to talk me out of it or be a roadblock. Gaaaah, I don't even want to go now, I'm upset. But I'm hoping I'm just misinterpreting everything.

Anyone else have to see a GP before a referral your specialist gave you? Because this seems really bizarre to me.

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It depends - if the consultant wrote to the GP and asked that the GP refers you, then yes, the GP is likely to want to see you first. Otherwise, no.

But please - even if the GP tries to convince you not to go ahead with the sleep study etc, all you need to say is "my rheumatologist insisted, I'm following his advice, if you think I don't need it, please raise it with him directly".

Given his views about your weight, who knows, he might have a plan on how to help you lose it, so be prepared to accommodate his "ideas" but also stand your ground - regardless of the weight management, you still have symptoms that are unlikely to resolve just by simply losing a few pounds, so what's he going to do about those.

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As said, go to the appointment. If your worst fears are true, insist on going as the specialist wants this. Also the consultant many have asked for pre appointment tests to be done. Stick to your guns. Good luck


I just got a CPAP last Tuesday. Even in the US it was a huge ordeal to finally get it. Two different all night sleep tests. I think I'm sleeping more deeply. It is easier to get back to sleep with out sleep meds. (I'd like get down to the smallest dose possible.) Other than that it feels like it is too early to tell if it is making a difference. But if your GP wants to tell you to lose weight first, you might tell him people who get a good nights sleep lose weight more easily. The reason I got the CPAP was the hope that if I slept better it would help with the brain fog.


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