lupus and kidney pain!

I have not felt well for a few days and at the weekend I could hardly walk. But felt better on Monday and so resumed normal activity. Last night I went to go to the toilet, I didn't feel a great need but went... I had the most horrendous pain I have ever had (worse than child birth) but it last for about 5 minutes in my left kidney area. It felt like My kidney had been squeezed to death! It released half way but then tightened again, it felt like it was closed. I still have a small throbbing pain across my back. My urine colour is fine but smells strong. Please can anyone assist? Thank you so much xx

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  • You need to get that checked out ASAP. Might be nothing much but you sound to have a urinary tract infection which could affect the kidneys if neglected.

  • I would advise you to make an appointment with your GP to get a referral for further investigation. There are a wide range of causes for kidney pain including infections, kidney stones, diabetes or kidney failure.

  • Sounds like a kidney stone....and you should go see your doc....because as lousy as kidney stones could be something else that requires immediate attention. Us lupus folks need to protect our kidneys. Take care!

  • Take a urine specimen to your gp. Don't ignore kidney pain. I agree I've had four children and kidney pain tops everything.x

  • Get to your GP asap - explain to them that you believe you have a UTI, take a urine sample with you. With or without lupus, a kidney infection is not to be taken lightly. Hope you feel better soon x

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