Itching/crawling sentation methotrexate or disease activity?

Hi ive been taking methotrexate for RA/lupus for over 8 weeks now with no side effects I take it on thursday and since last saturday ive been getting really itchy/crawling sensation on my face around my nose especially but all over my body and also a numb pain in my back though not sure if this is related and if its the methotrexate or a symptom of the disease being active and inflammation of the skin, let me know if anyones experienced this or knows why? Thanks , El


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4 Replies

  • I get this a lot!!! I'm not on metho either. It's part of my body's reaction to hear and sun. It's an awful feeling so I sympathize with you. I do find that taking antihistamines help me. Also when it's really bad I take a baking soda bath. It calms things down at least enough that I can sleep.

  • I started metroxate 4 wks ago,7.5 mg a week,start mg next week,I could scratch myself to bits when I come out shower,drives me nuts,I thought it was fake tan I use,I feel bit squeemish,very hard to have a drink whilst taken it,also I find it hard to sleep,re tired but it's like I feel so agitated.

  • I sometimes get the urge to scratch everywhere especially my face and head!!

  • Sarcoidosis, lungs and heart.

    I have been on 15mg mxt for about 8 months now, I just feel washed out for a couple of days as I am on 15mg prednisolone too. Other than that have not had numbness as you describe. My concern is how it will affect me in the long term but because I have fluid around the heart I don't have a choice but to take it. I have had a fair few nose bleeds which I have never ever had before. I am sure it effects different people in different ways but if worried see your gp, mine ducks for cover when he sees me coming now!!

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