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Hi there just ad rests from thyroid blood test

0.14. (0.27-4.20miu/l serum tag level

Serum free t4 level 19.5 pmol/L (13.10-21.30 pmol/L

Doctor told me that's good and in range. Do you thydies agree with doctor.

I am on 125 levothyroxine. I asked doctor do I carry on taking the 125 he said yes. To be honest I got the impression he didn't have a clue

Blood test today 29/7.

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If you have any other autoimmune disease your TSH will vary. I wish mine were low. Sometimes my TSH goes up to nearly 4, and that's when I see my hair all over my white tile in my house and in the sink when I bend over to brush my teeth. If your T-3 and T-4 are within normal range, I would stay with the 125 Synthroid. Lower is better than higher. Higher means weight gain and hair loss and other "lovely" symptoms like constant headaches, for instance. You are doing well!!!!!! :-)

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