Malar Rash with Shaving

I hope that you are all as well as well can be. I have never had/suffered from the infamous malar rash. However, whenever I shave (not in the sun, though) one appears for about 30 minutes - across my cheeks and round the curve of my face to my eyebrows. As I don't shave that high, the rash is usually not where I shave, but above. I did mention it to my consultant a couple of times, but wasn't really given an explanation or possible indicator as to whether it was in fact a malar rash or some other type. It looks the same as the person in this image, if not a bit more like sun-burn:


Has anyone else experienced this?

All the best,


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  • Hi Adam,

    Could it be a reaction to the shaving cream you use? Sometimes perfumed creams can cause skin reactions, it may be worth trying a more sensitive alternative and seeing if that has an impact?

  • That's what I thought, but I used plain soap and the same happened. Also, the rash appears where I did not shave or place the soap. Oddly, that part of my face remains the same. I have noticed that heat increases it.

  • I had something similar a number of years ago changed to electric philishave no more stinging rash

  • Hi,

    Just a thought but when you shave are you doing it in a bright light as some lights and bulbs can cause the malar rash to show itself .I am lightsensitive and have to avoid a lot of electric lighting and if you have a bright one above a mirror to see yourself shaving it could be that?

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