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Eye problems


Hi does anyone have problems with getting dizzy and seeing as if your looking into a kalidescope ? It comes and goes lasting about 20 minutes sometimes won't happen for months then happens 2 - 3 timed a day . Eye specialist didn't find anything wrong I have Lupus Sle . I'm currently on Plaquenil and metroxite .

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Sounds like it could be a migraine? I get the side effects of a migraine sometimes without any actual head pain

Jean11 in reply to MelAlice

Thanks for the reply

Like MelAlice says, sounds like a migraine. I get them if I'm over stressed. If I'm too tired and or done too much. Hope they go away and stay away for you 😃

My optician told me they are optical migraines and nothing to worry about. I find it best to rest with my eyes closed until they pass xxxx

Yes I get them too, sometimes twice a week then maybe nothing for a month or 2. It seems to be migraine aura, I don't have headaches. I just lie low and as you say, 20 mins and they're gone. My consultant and GP have made a note but are not unduly concerned. I have non lupus friends who experience this too, I think it's quite common.

Jean11 in reply to knitsandie

Thanks makes me feel better

Sounds like migraine . I get them quite often and makes me dizzy a little nauseous and the looking through cracked glass ,prismy kaleidescope effect.First time was about twenty years ago and scared me silly! More often when stressed physically ,mentally or emotionally .You don't always get the horrendous headaches with it its just when the tense muscles clamo down on the optical nerve.So don't worry but have a word with gp and if they become more often you can take preventative tablets for migraines but try some relaxation techniques to use as soon as the symptoms start.Hope that helps

Yes I have this and I haven't ever persuaded my GP or rheumatologist that its real as they haven't heard of it. It started after my first very bad bout of labyrinthitis and comes and goes. it seems to be related also to problems in my neck and if I have my head down for periods like gardening. It goes off if I sit still with my head on straight so to speak.

Hi Jean. Well just saw your lost and it reminded me of someine I saw on TV last week so thought i'd comment.

I don't know your age but there is an eye condition called Macula degeneration that has exactly the kaliedascope symptom and dizzy spells. I would highly recommend asking for a secondly opinion just to check this out. Could I recommend that you try to eat a good sized portion of curly Kale everyday because It's a scientific fact that this helps, I saw it on the superfood programme last week. You could also eat sweet potato instead of white potato because it is incredibly high in betecarotene and vitamin C.

Have you had blood texts for your Thyroid and Parathyroid as this could be causing the dizzy spells?

It might also be worth having a blood test to check Vitamin B12 and Iron to make sure you don't have Anemia as this can cause dizzy spells.

If results are all ok, I would insist of getting a referal to a Neurologist because this is worrying symptoms together. It would be beneficial to check the optic nerve and have an MRI of the head just to be safe.

There is a part of the brain the Cebral toncils and if they and decended (herniated), they can cause dizzy spells and balance problems, I have herniated cebral toncil myself so this is how I know.

I'm assuming the gp would of checked your eustation tubes/ears as this is first port of call for dizzy spells?

Hope this helps, Claire

Yes I get this from time to time, agree with anotherbee that it's best to rest with eyes closed till it passes

Yes I have had these for several years. It's a type of migraine. Mine often come on through a flashing light, could be sunlight through curtains, bright artificial light or through stress. They go of their own accord and just leave me feeling tired and wooly headed.

Those are ocular migraines. I get them occasionally. Very disconcerting when they come on. Sometimes they are accompanied by headache sometimes they are not. Not anything to be concerned about as long as they go away within 30 minutes.

This does sound like a form of migraine to me. I have had them with just the eye effect and no head pain.

Hi I have the same problem it's what they call an aura I suffer from "A typical migraine" of the eyes. I take amitriptyline at night and if I get the vision problem I will take 2paracetamol and my vision will be clear within about 20minutes. Hope this helps.


This has happened too me since childhood. I finally got it diagnosed as a "silent" visual migraine. Silent meaning no pain.

I'm getting that but it doesn,t last too long. If I'm out on my own, it is really scary.


Thank you too everyone for the helpful information helps me feel better I'm not in this alone

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