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Has any1 experienced eye problems with Lupus itself?


I have been having eye problems for a couple of years now & i was put on Plaquinel 3 months ago.But the eye specialist wants me to stop

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i have been on them for 12 years and a lot of other doc dont like u being on that drug my eyes often go blared and are always verry itchy and sore my doc gave me sum eye drops for them xx

Lisa78 in reply to Hidden

2 years ago the eye specialist told me it was dry eye syndrome but wrote to my rheumatologist before i started on them saying he had concerns.I get blurred vision,lights like string etc.....

I get blurred vision when I feel run down, and when I'm about to start with a migraine. It's deffo something I have mentioning to my consultant next week. I only had eye checked in feb and all was ok but that was before I started lupus medication.

I was very worried about the reason behind my eye problems: cant stand bright lights, have to wear sun glasses most of the time, even at home. Blurred vision, get lights like string before migraine, dry eyes especially in the morning. Am on azathiaprine.

it could be Sjogrens Syndrome, dry eyes dry mouth, mouth ulcers. not a lot they can do but eye drops

thomik in reply to katerowley

Sjogrens Syndrome can get you down somtimes. As for mouth ulcers i use a good alcohol free mouthwash each night. no mouth ulcers since. could be worth a try.

plaquenil can affect the retina (inside back wall of the eye). your eye doctor will check your retinas extra carefully if you tell them you are on plaquenil. they will also give you a special check for colour blindness. this entails looking at the pages of a small book with pictures that have numbers hidden in a pattern. one on each page. very quick and easy. i have this done every six months.

If the eye specialist says there is a change in your eyes, then it is wise to stop. if they are just being overly cautious then you need to weigh up the pros and cons.

I was on Plaquenil a number of years ago and was sent for regular eye checks at my local hospital. I had field vision tests and I know that screening for ocular toxicity is still recommended although it is rare in Plaquenil.

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