I feel as though I'm overheating!

I just wondered if anyone else finds this? Obviously the weather is warmer but it still happens to a lesser degree on cooler days. When I go out I am drenched in sweat. My scalp and back of neck are drenched. And my face visibly clammy. It's really embarrassing as it looks awful!

I never used to be affected like this and wondered if it could be sle related? Or meds? Does anyone else suffer like this?

I was diagnosed last year. I am on 400mg hydroxy a day, amitriptyline 10/20mg a night.

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Hello :) I dont get sweaty but I do burn up or overheat .. Especially when Im in a flare .. at least I know the warning signs and it is much much worse in Summer being Severely Photosensitive .. I get a type of Prickly heat .. Only thing that calms the inflammation is cold showers .. Ive used camomile lotion and can see the heat popping my pores ...

Its an awful symptom .. When it attacks my head I tend to get a Migraine all week before my head is on fire and the Malar Rash if Im in the sun for 10 minutes .. I come in and my face is burning, Im nauseous, dizzy and eyes hurt ..

The sweat maybe your body over compensating cooling the body temperature down. Have you taken your temperature when this happens? I know mid summer I have high temperatures usually 100 sometimes more and then I go freezing cold .. like i've have flu.

I'd mention it to your GP or Consultant and hope you get some answers -x-

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I'm a young 77 year old .like Elle-26 I do burn up suddenly,rather like hot flushes,most unpleasant.this is my first summer suffering in this way.I do wonder if it's the chloroquine sulphate? I am also on 400mg daily and prednisilone 10 mg daily on a reducing regime.Getting to sleep at night is a big problem for me.Still awake at 0100 -0200.


I have exactly the same problem!! It is worse when it is hot weather, however also happens when its cold!!

My face turns so red it is embarrassing and I drip with persperation! - I can't stand the awful feeli g of my face burning as it is so uncomfortable! I am not on any of the drugs anyone has mentioned and am at a loss as to what to do!!

One thing I have noticed is that during cold weather when this happens, if I touch my face, it is in fact cold!! (I don't think I have tried feeling it during hot weather!

I have also taken my temperature when this happens, which seems to be constantly now, and my temperature is always LOW!!! (still only just in the normal range!) my Dr. Doesn't believe me and of course the only time I threatened her to take it - YES!! - it was normal!! ( don't you hate it when that happens!!)

I have no idea what the answer is, however am due to see a new skin specialist in the near future so hopefully I may get an answer??

I truly sympathise with you as it is really aweful!! (I can't even wear my winter clothing anymore!!)



Thank you for your comments, I did wonder if it might be related to inflammation in my body causing a rise in temperature. I think I might take it next time and see.

The trouble is, I also am trying to be sensible regarding the sun and wear longer sleeves and finding this hot! It's hard because I have always been a bit of a sun worshiper and team fairly easily but now get a prickly heat rash if in the sun for long and even sorry exposure makes the skin on my face sting and red.

It's all still new to me and I'm hoping I will strike a balance eventually and come to terms with this new me!

Anyway thanks again. Xx


I forgot to mention that I found any energy lighting or associated things like Halogen has caused flare ups .. Since finding out this I changed all my lighting over to the old Incandescent light bulbs which you can buy cheaply on ebay or amazon. I discovered this first time when getting out of the shower to find the lighting starting to burn (inflame) my scalp .. Ive also been bought a cool mat to go in my bed .. it helps loads .. I used a small one last year on my head at night. These are usually blue washable type material and filled I believe with a gel xxx


I find this very interesting reading cause I thought I was abnormal! Since the eightys I started, out of the blue, excess sweating from underarms & scalp. I suffered terribly, doing housework, shopping, evening walking on a sunny day. Sweat wld pour from scalp. I looked like I'd just come out of the shower. I started asking others to do my shopping & I barly went out. To cut long story short, I got referred to a neurologist. He did surgery. Cut couple of nerves under my arm pits & founds I had over active nerves in that area! The nerves shld be the size of a pin, mine were the width of a small finger nail. The surgery was a miracle! No more sweating from the scale on activity's. Sometimes happen with certain foods, but I can cope with that. At least I can do normal stuff again. All this was b4 I was diagnosed with sle etc. I do believe I had sle etc from early eighty's. Not saying you've got the same, but it made me sit up & wonder if it is part of Lupus


Thank you, I think I will mention it next time I see rheumy. Not till Dec though ! so in the meantime I think I'll mention it to gp .

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i am just starting my journey and have just seen a rhumatologist i have been having symptoms for well over 20 years so when he asked me questions i had already in my mind found other reasons why i was having them as i was told on many occasions thats its all in my head........soooooo when he asked me about night sweats i said no but i do get hot flushes it was only after reading about lupus that actually i was getting the sweats but i will get that at any time i feel like i am a heater on full i remember the first time i had one it was so powerful that i had to hold on to something lol.......i just ok im menopausal........i have a lot to learn as the way i have coped all these years is to just brush it off i cant do that any more it would be too dangerous.........does anyone get it so bad its like you have just come out of the shower i have to change my clothes


I'm feeling a bit like that at the moment! I just went to supermarket and came home carried shopping in and put it away and I'm drenched!


My doctor said it was due to inflammation and the bodies reaction to it. I get hot but my feet and hands are still like they are in ice buckets....cant win. I have recently invested in some menopausal pjs but havent really worked out what to wear during the day. I too have had my temperature taken at doctors and it is always low even when a I feel like I am burning up inside which is embarrasing


I'm so releaved it's not just me, just like you, I'm drenched everyday with sweat, I am going through a flare at the moment. It's awful to say this, but I'm glad I'm not on my own at least someone understands I feel.



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