does anyone suffer with leg muscles that feel weak as though you've just climbed a mountain?

My legs have started feeling really weak. Today I sat on the arm of a chair for 10mins and then felt as though my legs were really shaky for the next 45mins. Equally sitting on the floor for 10mins left me feeling really shaky. Has anyone else had this or know what this is?


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15 Replies

  • Yes, all the time. Guarantee I fall down the stairs at least once a week now as my legs either 'give way' or they go numb. I also have (as well as lupus) APS, MCT, RA, OA, Sjogrens, Vasc. Raynauds, cns involvement etc etc. Personally, with me, I think it's most likely due 2 the Raynauds or cns involvement but then again, MCT would b a very likely suspect too.

  • Hi, my legs too have become very weak, especially when walking upstairs etc, they feel so heavy, I need to hold onto handrails etc as they can easily give way. They hurt as if I've done an extreme session at the gym(chance would be a fine thing!). Sorry I dont know what it is but you're not alone.

  • sounds like CVI to me, i have same symptoms. I wear compression stockings , medical prescribed ones (30-40m) and go to the gym nowadays. you have to know your limit and play within it, as they say. At my gym there are massage hydrobeds and massage chairs available to use. The chairs actually squeese and massage the calves really good. I love it and this including exercise has made the legs feel much better. However, it is not a cure, and chronic venous insufficiency is something to research yourself and join a CVI support group would help too.

  • I have only have mild Lupus and APS. My legs have never given way and I don't get pain (fortunately) but they feel very heavy and as though they might give way, I'm wondering whether to get my thyroid levels checked out as I've heard that this is quite common with Lupus and can cause these types of symptoms? I've been gaining weight over the past few months which I put down to being on Gapabentin but now I'm not so sure. I have the usual tiredness and also have dry skin.

  • i also get tired legs. at the moment they feel heavy even though it is nearly 11am. I walk very slow and it takes me a long time to get anywhere. Through out the day my ankles start swelling and i get fluid retention. My shoes get tighter. i also have thyroid problems which is making me put weight on. I also have tiredness,sleeping problems,brain fog and problems with one hip and dry skin because of my medication. Your are not alone. sometimes i get very angry because of all of the ailments i have and i am only 46! feel like an old woman.

  • You've pretty much described my biggest problem. When I first fell really ill my legs packed up and basically couldn't walk for about 2 years. If you've got time, have a look a my profile and see if you recognise anything. Mine legs improved a bit on hydroxy.

    Really hope things improve for you soon.


  • Used to get a lot of muscle ache in the calves of my legs when walking uphill, couldnt get my breath either..but since being treated for mild SLE its not been so bad, and of course they diagnosed me with asthma so I have a steroid and a regular blue spray to deal with that. Also started with muscle aches in my arms and shoulders last year, blood tests came back with low vit D levels, seems my bodys ability to make the vitamin has packed up so now I take calcium and vit D in tablet form every day....might be a good idea to get your levels checked out :)

  • I have "lead legs" a lot, even when ive not pushed myself. I find it hard to live with especially when I fall down the stairs or trip up them :( I too take vitamin and iron suppliments as im always anemic x

  • This just happen to me about an hour ago. May legs give out on me and I could not walk, it made my whole body feel funny. When this happens I can't walk.

  • did you test hiv ? it can make you feel tiredness and weak .

  • maybe you suffer from anxiety disorder . do you worry about something everyday ? i also feel same weak legs when walk .

  • When I was at our local very cold Church my legs began shaking vigorously as if in a fit. I put it down to being so cold I was clenching my leg muscles tight. The rest of the body was cold but didn't do this. So no one else really noticed.

    I also get the heavy tired legs. The legs that can no longer go up a flight of stairs without dragging yourself up and the legs that feel like they are going to give way on the way down the stairs.

    Saying that I have had a high CK which is now being brought back to normal with treatment, the nurse also wanted my LDH monitored. As I understand it they are linked to muscle damage. Might be an idea to get yours checked out?

  • Yes! Lately it's been getting worse and worse for me.

    I'm still waiting for an appointment at the neurology department at my hospital and waiting for my doctor to say if I should get another infusion.

    My legs just feel so heavy and I have to lift them up with my hands to get in the car or put my socks on. Walking up hills or stairs is a nightmare because I feel like someone strapped weights to my legs and they hurt so bad after that fourth step like I just ran a marathon. My knees also buckle if I'm not paying attention.

    (I've got SLE)

  • Yeeeessssss!! I'm only a child and my legs often give way! I also have an awful cough and I feel like I'm dying 24.7 I HATE IT!!!!!

  • You all sound like your describing ME/CFS. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. All autoimmune diseases have so many similarities but Chronic Fatigue is just getting alot of recognition because it can be devastating. Many are bed ridden, the young people seem to have the worst symptoms but everyone is different. I came on here because my left leg has gone week. When I read all these responses I didn't see anyone mention ME/CFS. Look it up you may find alot of answers.

    I go to a great website called Phoenix Rising. I learned alot! Still do.

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