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Gp problems

After the reception I got from my doc,he said we all get tired,I just looked at him,he has no concept what lupus and connective tissue disease like,I phoned reumy today,to get get to write nite to gp explaining my symtoms,I have self certified for 7 days,feel ill,go back mon,scared I don't get line,I have always worked,was never like this,I got refused pip 1st time,I asked for reconsideration,called today they have letter from my reumy,I hope I get awarded something,I would drop a day at work to rest and sleep,as that's all I want to do,by end of weeks work.

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Hi jeffscott

You've done all the right things and you shouldn't have to battle like you have but sadly a lot of us on here have had to!. Fingers crossed you get PIP. Rest up till Mon and you can only try being at work. You might want to think about changing your GP to one who is more understanding!.


I know the feeling well. GP's are in a terrible position regarding Lupus etc. They really dont understand it. I now have a great GP who realises I know what im talking about and has one patient with APS though not with Lupus as me so does understand some of the symptoms. The best bet is to find a GP that has another patient with Lupus that does help and then get him to look at this site. My GP has found it fascinating and realises that there are many many symptoms that he never thought of.

As for pips when I went for mine I told the person to look at HealthUnlocked as she didnt realise or understand the condition. Afterall it is a mine field. Within 4 days I had my answer and they gave me pips. We have to open the medical fields eyes and only a lot of hard work will do this.

We do have an uphill travel but hopefully we will all get there and Lupus and APS completely recognised.

Very best of luck let us know how you get on.

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