Frustrating rash on my nose

Frustrating rash on my nose

Hey there I have had this irritating rash onmy nose for about 9months it flares up and down, and I thought u had it almost completely gone taking all precautions , walking with hats and umbrellas and everything.the thing is I live in the beautiful sunny island of Barbados, but I have still been doing well.

I went to a pinic and was under a tent all day but apparently that wasnt enough that night i could see the sun burn on my face , so my rash on my nose is back in full force , sighhh

Someone told me because I have been out of the sun for so long my skin is now more sensitive so burns much easier.

Anyway my doc gave me dermatop I think thats how its spelt but it kind of works but I cant use it everyday as instructed as it seems to be to strong and blisters my I use it every other day or every two days. Any recommendations on any others products that have worked for you or home remedies, im all ears.


pic attached is how it look last month

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Hi. I was referred to a dermatologist because of terrible facial and neck rashes. She prescribed me Aveeno cream moisturiser and La Roche-Posay 50+ Anthelios XL comfort cream. I have to wear them everyday all year round but as they are for sensitive skin I have had no problems at all and the rashes have improved immensely. Hope this helps you.


Thanx a million I will definitely check it out Bronagh


I get Sunsense Factor 50 on prescription but my face prefers Ultrasun Facial Factor 50 & I need to wear gloves to stop the sun rash on my hands.


Any chance I could see it in person? Economy will do me fine! I can compare rashesI

Tut! Thought so!

Try for more sun blocking clothes and be careful, tents and such not enough protection really I think. You will be under sunniest of sunshine so max protection needed.

Good luck

Much love


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