Private specialists Newcastle upon Tyne ? Dr Griffiths?

Does anyone know of a good private lupus specialists in the Newcastle upon Tyne area.... There's apparently Dr Griffiths at freeman NHS hospital but I don't know if she has a private clinic also?

My mam has ANAs, lots of symptoms... Anti dsDNA negative and so I think her GP is taking that as she doesn't have lupus.... Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that's not right is it?....surely anti dsDNA can only confirm the presence of lupus... not confirm the Absence of it?


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5 Replies

  • I don't know if DR Griffiths does private consultations or not. I wa was referred by my GO. The referral did not take too long. Dr Griffiths is brilliant she listens to you and is very approachable and thorough. She involves you in all decisions and

    You can also contact the specialist nurse which is very helpful if you are worried about anything. The support I have received has been so much better than at my local hospital.

  • Thank you very much lupeylass... I might see if I can get transferred to her seeing as professor Khamashta is in dubai for a year xx

  • I see Dr Griffiths also. I don't know if she has a private clinic as I see her as a NHS patient and was referred to her via another consultant who I was seeing for CFS but my ANA and Ck where elevated and that doesn't fit CFS.

    Anyway as Lupeylass says she is brilliant. She listened to my history and soon I was started on steroid injections and hydroxychloriquine. She now has me on methotrexate and I am down to 6 monthly visits. I almost feel my old self and I definitely feel you should try to see her

  • I think you'll find that Dr Griffiths and all the other consultants are NHS only and don't do "private clinics"... Not in this area anyway

  • Hi Sarah when you say not in this "area" do you mrean not in Newcastle or do you mean not running clinics for Lupus specifically?

    I just don't know how my mam would get assessed\referred if her GP isn't recognising there may be an issue.

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