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Info on Rhus tox

Hello you lovely people

you've never let me down in the past with your wealth of knowledge !!

I have been told by my GP to try Rhus tox 30c to help with my stiff joints

Has anyone tried this ?

If so, how did you get on, did it help ?

I am on the following drugs :

Plaquenil 400mg a day

Methotrexate 20mg once a week

Nifedipine 10mg a day

Folic acid 6 days a week

Vitamin D every day

I'm just a bit worried about taking more pills

Any help or advice would be much appreciated


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Hi Teaspoon13. I have tried Rhus tox 30c i didn't notice any improvement in my osteoarthritis but if I were you I would give it a go. It could just be what you need. Hope it works for you. X


I use Rhus Tox. as it helps with my cold sores - in fact not had any for quite a while now. I use Ruta Graveolens for joint pain and that helps with the problem. It is a case of finding out what is right for you, with us all being so different.

Give it a go; it can't harm unlike drugs (depending where you get the Rhus Tox. of course - get it from reputable suppliers) and it may well help.

Good luck!


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