Hi All you lovely Luppy's.

I am curious to know if anyone else suffers with coldsores? For about 2 months now I have had one coldsore after another on my face, lips and chin. I have always been prone to them so I am careful not to touch them, change towels, etc. But i just seem to have them all the time, they are unsightly and when you are talking to people they seem to be staring at your chin instead of looking at me!!!! I am super careful in the sun so can't work out why they are coming back all the time. I know they say you get them when your run down, but i have lupus so i am run down most of the time!! Just wanted to know if anyone else is in the same boat?

Kezzie xx :)

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  • I get them really bad when my dosage of prednisilone is high or while I'm on azathioprine. My GP prescribed me acyclovir to take while I'm in the azathioprine which immediately stopped them. Talk to your doctor about how it is affecting you.

  • I find Superdrug's own brand cold sore cream helps to stop the virus replicating esp. if applied as early as poss. Hope you find something to help....Don't know what will help with the being run down!!!

  • I'm prone to cold sores got one of lip a few weeks ago and then a bigger one on my chin after the lip one, my chin cold sore left a scar witch nw Won't go away. Visible to the eye

  • I suffer really bad with cold sores....even up my nose...also had shingles several times always on my face....These can be due to lupus flare as well as u carrying the herpes virus which in my GPs a bugger to get acyclovir from my doctor and that keeps it better controlled. your GP..I have it on repeat but just get it when I need...hope this helps x

  • I forgot to say I meant acyclovir tablets twice a day, not acyclovir the cream. The tablets stop you from getting cold sores, but the doctor will only usually prescrib them to you if you get them badly and regularly.

  • I get them all the time and have been known to have a cluster of them around my nostrils as well as my lips.

  • Thank you so much for your replies, nice to know im not the only one. I do get them up my nose too and round the nostrils!! I will ask the GP about that acyclovir as it is becoming commonplace. Cheers me dears 😄

  • Kezzie,

    I get them too. Over the years, they have periodically been a problem. It was my understanding that they come as the result of a virus in your system. Mine have usually been worse after a cold. I forget if dabbing them with Listerene, is supposed to help. Huggs!! By the way, I saw an article that mentioned precursors to lupus and one of them was supposed to be having be prone to cold sores. The other was to have had mono as a teenager.

  • ahhhh yes everyday i get nose sores and if i get the lip sores they stay for weeks and can get infected,i hate it . i used to call them cold sore until a twat of a rheumy i used to see kindly informed me they are called mouth and nose sore loolx

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