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Very worried mum

Hi , me and my sister suffer from lupus but can your children be suffers to. The reason I'm asking is my teenage daughter as the symptoms to she as seen our GP and as to go for tests which she doesn't want to do as she is scared she might have it also.She as watched me struggle for years and not long ago I was rushed in hospital for blood transfusions as my blood count was 4.0 very low and I was seriously dehydrated and to top that I had an infection in my leg ulcer called pseudomoas causing me to be violently sick and sitting on the loo at the same time for two weeks. At the moment im trying to sleep I've had no sleep for 2 days up to now and the pain im in is crippling but I put a brave face on in front of my children . I have a gut feeling she as it but im trying to get her to have bloods done with no luck as yet I would be grateful if someone can give some information of if your children can suffer with this dreadful illness thanks lupus suffers . XX

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Hi bezza247,

Due to the many genes involved in the development of the disease (only half of which are inherited by a child from one parent with lupus), and because environmental triggers have to occur during the life of the individual to make the disease appear, it is not common for the children of people with lupus to have it too, though it does sometimes happen. Most studies have shown that about 1 in 20 people with lupus have a close relative (mother, aunt, sister; less often father or uncle) with lupus.


Children do get Lupus. It can be very severe in young people but the right treatment early can prevent more serious damage to organs. I hope it turns out that your daughter does not have it.


Thanks Baba, she is so ill today cant keep her eyes open but she as to revise for her 1st year college exams for next month and her joints are so painful to she cant swallow tablets so I find it hard getting a liquid painkiller for her.She does rest when she can but gets tired by 11am most mornings I have shown her reply's to my post and hopefully she will go for blood tests thanks xx


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