I am suffering from pericarditis, it is quite bad at the moment, struggling to walk without severe discomfort etc. As I have heart involvement I am not allowed Aroxia (anti inflammotory), do any of you know if there is any other meds that could be used to help ease the inflammation? I am taking warfarin and MTX. I do not know what else to do as this happens bi monthly(when ovulating an prior to coming on) or if I have just did too much, I fed up with this and I have two small children who are 3 and 4. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I had pericarditis - it's torture so you have my sympathy.

    I don't know how this fits with your medication limitations, but I am taking Naproxen for it and it seems to have worked quite well. Because I'm taking Naproxen, I take Omezprazole to protect my tummy. I now only get stabbing pain now and then, rather than all the time and the other associated issues. I'm actually going to the hospital today for an ECHO test to see if the fluid has gone.

    I also worked out that whenever I am exposed to UV light, including indoor lighting, that it seems to make the pericarditis worse. So I wonder if there is something in your case, that might seem like it's unrelated, but may be triggering it to flare.

    Good luck getting it sorted, it really is a painful condition.

  • Oh I should say Naproxen is an anti-inflammatory - I don't know if you are not allowed any anti-inflams, or just the one you mentioned.

  • Sorry none allowed due to my history and being on blood thinners, I am severely fed up with this! They are very wary of giving me anything due to my heart complication also. Sorry just fed up with this whole thing and being in almost constant pain!

  • Ooft. Sorry. Hugs xx

  • Sadly, Me too :-(

  • Thanks, don't know where to go with this! x

  • Pericarditis is inflammation of the heart membrane so that's why anti-inflammatories are the best way to resolve it. If you can't take antiinflammatories, then what does your doctor suggest you do, just wait u till your body resolves it on its own?

    The only two meds I can suggest are Colchicine (another antiinflammatory) and steroids (again, with antiinflammatory properties).

    I would go back to the doctor and ask for some compromise that neither jeopardise your blot clotting, nor worsen the pericarditis due to lack of medication.

  • The only thing they have given me is painkillers that dont really touch the pain. They said if it gets too bad to go into hospital, not that easy when you have children and no childcare, this is why i have been looking at alternatives.

  • Hi Mcjm

    Really feel for you having pericarditis as it's a horribly painful condition which I too get too often!. I have to double my steroid dose and I take morphine tablets for it and they sort the pain out. Hope you get it sorted.X

  • Hi, I had pericarditis for the fourth time last year and was put on Colchisine for 6 months which worked well, good luck.

  • I find that increasing my prednisilone does the trick. Also had to stop taking Arcoxia and was also crippled for the first month, but with an increase in prednisilone and azathioprine I no longer have so much pain and am coping very well now.

  • Thank you for your replys I should maybe mention these drugs that you talk about, Colchisine to my Rhumatologist or if that doesn't work maybe a morphine based painkiller. I am glad they are being cautious with my health, so much has went wrong so far! Joyjo I took a reaction to Aza and steroids are not recommended due to the usual health implications.

  • These replies has also helped me too. Not sure about the steroids but an alternative, hmmm. Thanks Mcjm for asking this question as I've been rushed 3xs last week to A&E only to return home more perplexed and told to decrease dose of steroids and wait for up-coming apt with Rheumy :-(

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