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Hello all

With my other AI ailments I have type 2 Diabetes. At the last screening in Febuary everything was good and Diabetes well controlled.

I am concerned that I have symptoms the same as when it began. My blood kit shows that I have High readings even when I get up having not eaten since last evening. Can't find anythng on diabetes so thought I'd see if others also have this condition and can advise me


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Jimmy Young has a lot to answer for, TTFN!. Your body releases glucose when it is stressed so if your high sugars coincide with when you do not feel so got then that is probably why. Do not ignore it and perhaps ask your GP for a Glucose meter and test strips , but most of all do not worry to much as mental stress also raise blood sugar. If you continually get high readings, you do not say what they are, then seek further help. There is loads of help available and it is better to seek hep early rather than later when a lot of damage could have been done.

Kind regards,


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