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Work continued

Hi folks still not managed to reduce my hours work have had three letters from all my doctors and now want a written one from me .then was told that they needed to speak to my doctor .I feel like they don't believe me . It's getting me stressed which is making my lupus worse have docs appointment tonight to sort out pain relief .sorry for ranting ...very fed up .

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Hi Barbdockeray. How did it go at the doctors? I am in a similar position to you - have you see occupational health at work? That might be the next step? X


Hi the docs went well think I have found an understanding doctor we hope ...He listen and seemed to understand everything .just waiting for the next step so sick and tired of fighting for everything because people don't believe because you can't see the lupus or the pain ....


Hi I had the same problems reducing my hours at work. Only sorted out in the end by the fab support of Occupational Health & threatening to take a grievance out. Your employer has a duty of care & as Lupus comes under the Equality Act they have to be caref how they handle this. If you have an HR Dept or alternatively your Manager, go to them & nag some more, if no joy use Occupational Health & threaten grievance procedure. You have to keep on with them and fight your corner! The beauty of Occupational Health is everything you say is on record, they usually only report to your employer the bare facts. If something should happen to your health due to their ignorance of your employer, you can use the Occupational Health records/reports & you would have good case.

Good luck! Let me know how you get on 😉


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