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Hello all, pls has anyone used the power board fitness machine. It is an exercise machine that you stand on and it vibrates your whole body. I will like to know if it is ok to buy it and use for exercise since am unable to do much bcos my mobilty is getting worse. I have aversvula neurosis caused by steriod and i have had pomidronte infusion but i doesnt seem to help. I have used the power board fitness equipment in south africa in 2008 then i had not been diagnoised with lupus and in the 10days i spent in South africa i was so fit and muscles toned. I will like to know if it is ok to purchase it.



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  • As a migraine sufferer I was warned off them.

  • Be aware that if you also have Reynauds Disease as I do with Lupus, then you should not use anything that vibrates eg. Hand mixer or electric drill. So seeing as this machine vibrates perhaps not! X

  • I bought one of those and it did not change my weight at all. It was £150. I gave it to charity shop.

  • They're a lose-weight-fast scam, I'm afraid. They won't do anything but literally rattle you. There is no way a vibrating board can help build muscle. You'd have better luck sitting on a gym ball which helps activates core muscles. Not to mention long term damage of vibration. I wouldn't spend the money on it.

  • Thanks alot

  • I'm sorry I'd have to disagree with the other replays. I've had lupus for over 30 years and am on a lot of meds including steroids. I've been using a vibe machine now for a couple of years. I can honestly stay it does make me feel better. On some days I can't go on it but when I'm not too bad it definitely losens me up and yes I have lost weight and it does tone the muscles. I have now bought one and a Pilates machine and love them both. Xx

  • Agree with Sherryb28 about the loosening up effect. I found it great for when my legs were aching. And also sitting on it when I had back pains. I'm less convinced about the muscle and weight claims of the manufacturers though.

  • Thank you all for your reply. I saw my nephrologist today and asked her opinion and she advised that even though it might help my musles and bones it will also have an adverse effect on the tiny blood vessels of my feet. I have a raynauds and chilblains on my fingers and developing some on my toes to. So she explained that constant vibration exerting directly to my feet will do me more harm than good. Thank you all for your support ur d best.


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